What is the best season of 'Vanderpump Rules'? Fans have a favorite, but it might not be what you'd expect

Bring in the Bravoholics: we're debating which is the best season of 'Vanderpump Rules'

What is the best season of Vanderpump Rules?? Pictured: (l-r) James Kennedy, Katie Maloney, Ariana Madix from Vanderpump Rules
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Following Scandoval, you'd likely peg season 10 as the best season of Vanderpump Rules ever. 

Understandably so—we've been engrossed in Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss' affair for nearly three months, so it's safe to assume that the most current episodes of the Bravo reality hit are like no other. With the Vanderpump Rules reunion fast approaching—a three-part trifecta of chaos—we're reliving seasons past and assessing where our favorites stack up. 

What is the best season of 'Vanderpump Rules'?

Long before Scandoval, Vanderpump Rules season 2 was considered the best of them all. Sure, the cast looked a little different back then but the sophomore season completely set the stage for the infidelity that rocked Bravoholics to their core in 2023. 

For those who need a little recap, season 2 focused on Kristin and Tom's breakup—remember who he had his eyes on back then?! Plus, in a far-less shocking move, Kristen (Tom's former partner) slept with his best friend, Jax, who was dating Stassi, a.k.a. Kristen's best friend. And let's not forget we got a little looksie at Scheana's relationship with Eddie Cibrian, who was married to Real Housewife Brandi Glanville at the time. 

We'll go as far as to say that season 2 walked so season 10 could run. The drama is simply scathing. Here's what fans have to say:

'Vanderpump Rules' season 2 vs. season 10

It didn't take long for Twitter to notice that season 10 mirrored exactly what had happened in season 2. Same story, different season, yet somehow the recent events have blown everyone's minds—and even led to a New York Times story discussing the intricacies of Scandoval. 

The sophomore installment might be the long-time favorite, but once everything wraps up this year, we have a feeling that things might change for fans. Considering the shocking Scandoval caused us to ask "Is Vanderpump Rules cancelled?" and completely split up the group, we're wondering how this latest edition could be topped. 

When it comes to the highly-anticipated three-part reunion, Bravo's head honcho Andy Cohen easily puts it in one his most controversial catch-ups to date. 

"I've done hundreds of reunions. That said, I think this is going to be top 10. I think the fans will be satisfied, yes I do," he told Entertainment Tonight. "There was nothing left unsaid."

'Vanderpump Rules' episodes to watch ahead of the reunion

By now you know all about Tom, Raquel and Ariana. But if you're curious to see how the friendship began now that you're watching it come to an end, here are the Pump Rules episodes to watch ahead of the season 10 reunion, according to Bravo

  • Season 2, episode 4, "Rumors"
  • Season 2, episode 6, "Lisa's Angels" 
  • Season 2, episode 12, "Til Death Do Us Part"
  • Season 2, episode 14, "I Lied"
  • Season 2, episode 15, "Reunion Part 1" 
  • Season 3, episode 1, "Instafight" 
  • Season 3, episode 13, "Miami Vices"
  • Season 5, episode 4, "Thirsty Girls"
  • Season 5, episode 6, "Pride" 
  • Season 6, episode 6, "See You Next Tuesday"
  • Season 9, Episode 4, "Palm Springs and Tiffany Rings"
  • Season 9, Episode 16, "Reunion Part 1"
  • Season 10, Episode 6: "Divorce Party Crashers"
  • Season 10, Episode 10, "It's All Happening Again"
  • Season 10, Episode 11, "Mistress in Distress"
  • Season 10, Episode 12, "Beach, Don't Kill My Vibe"
  • Season 10, Episode 14, "There's Something About Her"

Ready for the chaos? The three-part Vanderpump Rules reunion will begin on Wednesday, May 24 at 9pm ET. Catch it live on Bravo and next-day on Peacock.

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