The best sex positions for a scorching summer

Turn up the heat, but still stay cool, with the best sex positions for the summer

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The only thing hotter than the sexual tension is the temperature. 

July is the friskiest month of the year, but it's also the warmest, so you'll want to prepare accordingly before embarking on any steamy adventures. Sure, you're shedding your clothes, but that doesn't mean it'll make the heatwave more bearable. 

If the passion strikes when the sun shows no mercy, here are the best sex positions for the summer. Who says you can't turn up the heat and stay cool in the process?

The best sex positions for the summer

Say yes to orgasms and no to sweat during summer sex. Though such an intimate activity forces you to be close to your partner, there are a few ways to feel the pleasure without giving off too much heat. 

"Basically, when you're too hot, what you're trying to do is position your body so that you're away from one another," says Marla Renee Stewart, MA, and sexpert for Lovers (opens in new tab).

She recommends keeping torsos away from one another to keep things from getting too overwhelming. And, now might be a good time to let the best app-controlled vibrators do the work for you.

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1. Doggy Style

The upper half of your bodies are not going to be close, but the penetration will still feel powerful, so this is one to try on those 90-degree days. Be honest: sometimes you don't necessarily mind reaping the benefits even if you're doing minimal work. 

If you're standing up, find a balance by bracing the wall. If you're thinking about lying down, have a pillow or blanket underneath your body for support. (Needless to say, don't opt for the wool throw.)

2. The Splitting Bamboo

Dubbed as "the lazy couple's go-to" by SlotsUp (opens in new tab), the Splitting Bamboo is another position that lets to enjoy deep penetration without straining yourself. (If you're a fitness buff, check out the best sex positions to sculpt and tone.)

With this move, the receiver will lie back, lean on his or her arms, tilt to the side and rest their leg on their partner's shoulder.

3. The Looking Glass

A LoveHoney Position of the Week (opens in new tab) back in 2021, the Looking Glass is essentially a form of mutual masturbation, which tends to be one of the go-to sex positions for menstrual cramps as well. Partners will face one another, bend their legs in a straddling position and engage in self pleasure while their loved one watches.

4. Float the Boat

Just in time for boating season, this Maritime move can be done without leaving land. LoveHoney's sex position of the week (opens in new tab) from June 10, 2022, is somewhat similar to the Looking Glass, except it asks participants to take the party into the shower. 

Speaking of getting wet—an undeniable way to stay cool during the summer, and a must according to Stewart—have a look at our shower sex tips and tricks for a fun (and safe) way to get busy. 

Additionally, have a gander at some of the best waterproof sex toys on the shelves and stock up your collection—you'll need something to pair with those pool floaties.

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