These sex positions can actually help you sculpt and tone your body

Workouts really can be fun

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Sex has many benefits aside from the obvious: morning sex for example has been found to be a huge mood booster, there are sex positions for menstrual cramps and even masturbation can help improve your skin. For many, sex is also the perfect way to cram in a workout and get your heart rate up and according to the sexperts, these sex positions can help sculpt and tone your body.

It almost seems too good to be true, but it’s very much the case that during an energetic sex sesh you’re working out your muscles without really even noticing.  

In fact, according to a survey from Lovehoney, 45% of the Brits surveyed saw sex as a workout. With one in four even admitting that they’ve checked their calorie count and heart rate after sex. 

The most physical moves were listed as a cowgirl, missionary, and doggy—but sexpert Ness Cooper says there are even more than can help you tone everything from your arms to your abs.

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Cooper says sex is a great way to burn calories, and to the delight of many it doesn’t even need to be a long, intense round, it can be a quickie too. She says: ”Passionate kissing which by itself can burn around 2 calories per minute” so sex, “could end up burning just as much as some less intense 15-minute exercise programs burn”—the numbers add up, that's for sure.

So, without further ado, just what are the best moves for toning and sculpting?

Best sex positions for your abs

Sex specialists, Julia Kotziamani and Cooper explain that most positions will stimulate your abs, from missionary to doggy, but there are some more you can that will really work your core:

The Love Tug sex position:
They suggest the Love Tug, which sees one partner kneel on all fours with their legs slightly apart, and the other partner kneeling behind with their arms wrapped around to stimulate places like the nipples, vulva, penis, or testicles. You can also incorporate the best hands-free vibrators into this move.

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The Looking Glass sex position:
The Looking Glass sees partners sit facing each other with their legs bent in a straddling position and pleasuring themselves. This will stimulate your abs and also your arms as you lean back.

The Pelvic Pike sex position:
The Pelvic Pike is also ideal for your abs, as one partner lies on their back with their legs in the air. The other partner faces them in a seated position with their knees apart and leans into their partner’s raised legs.

Best sex positions for your glutes

Any position where you may be squatting is a big yes for glute stimulation, so moves like cowgirl or bridge are ideal.

The Kanga-Ohh! sex position:
You can also try the Kanga-Ohh!what a name—a go, where the receiving partner is on all fours and the giver crouches behind them.

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The Concertina sex position:
The Concertina is also a good option. One partner lies on their back with their legs bent and raised. The other squats and straddles them. The reclining partner places their legs on the shoulders of their partner who then reaches back with their hands to use the reclining partner’s hips for balance and support.

The Yogi sex position:
The Yogi is also great for the glutes, but requires a bit of flexibility…
One partner lies back with their knees bent, the other kneels in a raised position between their knees, and helps them raise and arch their hips and bum up.

Best sex positions for you shoulders and arms

The Saddle Up sex position:
Anywhere you are leaning or supporting yourself with your arms will be working the muscle, but for those that really want to feel the burn, Saddle Up is one to try. One partner gets into a bridge position, with the other straddling them.

The On Your Marks sex position:
Another great choice is On Your Marks, which sees one get into a crouched position, resting on their tiptoes and hands with their partner kneeling from behind.

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Sex positions for your legs 

The Hot Squat sex position:
The Hot Squat requires a chair or can be done on the side of the partner. One sits on the edge, leaning back on their arms with their legs up while the other stands beside the chair/ bed and squats in between their legs.

The Flying High sex position:
The Flying High position is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to skip leg day and has good upper body strength. One partner stands in a squat and picks up and holds their partner up and their legs apart. 

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