Meet the 'Buying Beverly Hills' cast taking over the California real estate industry

Looks like our favorite twin real estate moguls have some competition...

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Watch out, Jason and Brett Oppenheim: the Buying Beverly Hills cast is coming for your listings. 

Netflix has proven that our obsession with luxury real estate is only growing stronger. This summer, we binged the debut season of Selling the OC in a heartbeat, which focused on the Oppenheim Group's expanding offices. And, of course, we're waiting patiently for Selling Sunset season 6, even though Christine Quinn has departed the series.

But now, we've turned our attention towards another agency: The Agency, helmed by Mauricio Umansky—who you know from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills—and his family. 


(Image credit: NETFLIX/© 2022 Netflix, Inc.)

According to House Beautiful, the realtor has plenty of accolades under his belt, working with esteemed developers, resort brands and repping Los Angeles' first home to hit the $100 million mark (it's the Playboy Mansion).

"My biggest real estate flex, though, is growing The Agency into an internationally recognized brand while revolutionizing the industry, transforming the way we buy and sell real estate and fostering fresh talent and growth amongst our agents," he told the publication.

The company currently has 60 offices and just expanded to Europe, an undeniable feat. Though The Agency is a global business, the focus of the show is very much about family. Umansky is joined not only by his father, but his daughter Alexia and step-daughter Farrah, whom he shares with Kylie Richards. (You've been watching the clan on Bravo for years.)

Like its predecessors, Buying Beverly Hills focuses on glamorous listings and, of course, the drama between the staffers. (Kind of awkward when your daughter—and your realtor—has set her romantic sights on one of your employees, no?) 

Needless to say, we are not ones to shy away from realty reality TV, so we'll be tuning in. Get to know who's who on the show, but don't expect a Kylie Richards cameo...yet.

Meet the 'Buying Beverly Hills' cast

Curious who's on Mauricio's staff? Allow us to introduce you.

Alexia Umansky

Alexia, Mauricio's daughter, is a 26-year-old marketing specialist for The Agency, who is taking a thing or two from dad. 

"This year, I’ve sold five homes for over $5 million," she revealed to House Beautiful

How does she interact with the rest of the cast (and a potential love interest)? You'll have to tune in to find out.  

Farrah Brittany

Farrah, Mauricio's step-daughter, is considered one of the workers who brought The Agency to life and has represented both buyers and sellers. For her, it's about the personal feeling of helping someone find their dream home. 

"I love being able to advise our clients on every aspect of the process, from start to finish of a transaction," she told House Beautiful

Jon Grauman

Jon has been in the biz for quite some time—nearly 20 years—and has worn many hats in the process, including an agent, developer and mortgage broker. Our interest piqued when we learned one of his listings includes the frightening Los Feliz Murder House. Good luck with that one, Jon!

Joey Ben-Zvi

Joey's launched the Ben-Zvi Piller Group at The Agency and knowns the ins and outs of the market as an L.A. native.

Ben Belack

A certified sommelier, fan of espresso and self-described "super realtor," Ben is approaching a decade in the biz. He apparently set his sights on growing his team within the business, according to the trailer—how will that all unfold on the show?

Brandon Graves

The Phoenix native got a creative start to his professional life as a principal dancer for the NBA and WNBA but kickstarted a real estate career upon his move to L.A. in 2010.

Melissa Platt

Melissa is very committed to her career—which you can witness in the show's trailer—and she's working on listings in both California and her home state, Texas. She specializes in moving services for professional athletes.

Allie Lutz

Allie's father is tennis champion Bob Lutz, but Allie has had a grand slam in the real estate industry with 10 years under her belt and a growing list of celebrity clientele (like Margot Robbie).

Sonika Vaid

Though many of you might know Sonika from American Idol, the vocalist has turned her attention towards real estate, and it looks like she's got the knack for it. House Beautiful says that this year alone she's brought in $680 million of sales to the company's Grauman Rosenfeld team. 

Santiago Arana

Santiago is the principal and partner of The Agency and ranked 10th in the nation, according to the Wall Street Journal's RealTrends rankings. No wonder he's been responsible for expanding the offices.

Buying Beverly Hills hits Netflix on November 4, 2022.

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