The best crystals for protection when you're searching for comfort

Need a few recommendations? Allow the pros to give you the scoop on new additions for your collection

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Need some reassurance? Crystals for protection are not only eye-catching additions to your collection, but they provide comfort when you need it. 

For those who are interested in the art of manifesting with crystals and could use a little extra support from the universe, we spoke to astrologer Noush of Girl and her Moon, who happens to sell crystal via Instagram (and is in the process of launching @jooncrystals) and Anubha Charan, luxury beauty expert and creator of The Beauty Gypsy, to talk about their favorite picks. 

But before we provide you with the details, it's important to note that any type of crystal can help with protection, it all depends on what you're searching for.

"Crystals are a subjective energy, so you should try to see what works for you," Noush recommends. "It really comes down to the intention with the stone."


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Crystals for protection

Take note on the go-to selections and make sure to place them throughout your abode.

"At home, it’s helpful to have one piece in your entryway, where it stops negative energies from entering the house and another in a central common area where its energies can disseminate throughout the space," Charan says. 

While you're out and about, you can have a subtle sign of protection with your accessories.

"I would always recommend wearing [crystals] in the form of a bracelet, pendant or necklace when you are going to be in a public place or with someone who has negative energies/is an energy vampire," Charan recommends. 

Energy vampires be damned!

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1. Clear quartz

Clear quartz is used for dispelling negativity and soaking up positive vibes. (We'll take two!)

"It offers a reminder to connect with the positive and the joys of life," Noush says. 


Natural Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Stone Necklace
$11.99, £8.99

2. Citrine

Like clear quartz, citrine is excellent for ridding those negative vibes out of your life, and Noush says it's especially effective when you sleep with a stone underneath your pillow. 


Zenluma Raw Natural Citrine Crystal Stone
$19.95, £25.36

3. Black tourmaline

"It’s the ultimate protection crystal that creates a shield around you and your space by absorbing negative, toxic, harmful or draining energies, and repelling psychic attacks," Charan says. "Plus, it absorbs electromagnetic forces (EMF)—the “smog” that’s given out by electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, televisions and cellular phones. Think of it as a spiritual sponge!"

But don't let the crystal shield act as a metaphorical comfort blanket. It's meant to empower you, not limit you. 

"It's about charging up in that space so you can go out and face the world with more confidence," Noush says of black tourmaline's energetic barriers. 


Zenluma Raw Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal
 $18.95, £25.27

4. Black obsidian

"It can protect you by revealing truth and integrity or some form of authenticity," Noush says of black obsidian. 

It's able to interact with whatever disruption is taking place in your life, be it with friends, at home or in love. 


Triple Protection Bracelet
$24.99, £16.20

5. Black kyanite

"It is used for cutting negative ties from energy vampires (people who drain your energy) and toxic relationships, thereby protecting you from their vibes," Charan says.


Zentron Crystal Collection Rough Black Kyanite Piece
$11.34, £16.58

Crystal tips

Simply purchasing crystals is only half the battle—cleansing crystals is the way to make the most out of your stones.

"They carry so much energy that they need to be cleansed regularly so they're not just a weight of emotional heaviness," Noush says. "You do that by rinsing it in warm water, drying it out and setting a new intention."

You might also want to think about the time in which you're manifesting, as it could have different meanings and values. 

"I would say the sun energy allows your stone to empower you to face the world whereas the moon energy empowers you from within in to step into that deeper internal intention," Noush adds. 


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Other types of crystals

Naturally, the supply is limitless. Do be sure to explore our experts' picks for crystals for good luck and crystals for anxiety.


An intuitive astrologer with Girl and Her Moon, Noush believes in the healing power of focused energy. You can catch her cosmic insight during an astrology reading or by signing up for a Flow with the Moon Membership.

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