Crystals for skin: how to incorporate gemstones into your beauty routine

Blemishes? Irritation? These crystals have you covered

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If your moisturizers and serums don't live up to the hype, why not try crystals for skincare needs?

Considering there's a stone for every situation—crystals for anxiety, crystals for good luck, crystals to help sleep problems, etc., etc.—you shouldn't be surprised that they're making their way into our beauty routines, too. 

Sometimes those blemishes can be stubborn and toxins are tough to tackle. We totally get it. Before venturing to the drugstore, allow the experts to help guide you toward the proper crystals for your dermatological needs. 

Anything in the name of healthy skin, right?


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The best crystals for skincare

If you ask Anubha Charan, luxury beauty expert and creator of The Beauty Gypsy, every type of crystal can have some sort of resonance with our skin. But generally speaking, there are three that she always recommends: 

1. Black tourmaline

Working with irritated, sensitive or inflamed skin? Look no further than black tourmaline to help tame those burdens.


Zenluma Raw Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal
$18.95, £25.27

2. Malachite

According to Charan, Malachite combats sun damage, neutralizes free radicals and deep cleanses the skin by removing toxins. 

While you're at it, do be sure to have a look at our picks for the best sunscreen for face usage. Temperatures are soaring and SPF is a must. 


Malachite Tumble Stone
$13, £8.99

Do note that quantities differ from the US to the UK. 

3. Amethyst

Amethyst is the wonder gemstone: it detoxifies, calms the skin, soothes acne, itches and other irritants and creates a shield against electromagnetic fog.

Phew! And for the astrologically attuned out there, Amethyst makes for one of the best crystals for Mercury retrograde to help soothe any celestial chaos. 


Zenluma Amethyst Crystals Geode Cluster 
$19.95, £25.80

How to incorporate crystals into your skincare routine

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Alrighty, so you've stocked up on the goodies. Now what? 

Charan advises that you charge a beauty product on a crystal plate—simply "leave the jar of moisturizer/serum/eye cream etc on a slab of crystal" or drop a piece of the crystal directly into the product itself. (Psst: here's what to know about cleansing crystals to maximize their potency.) 

For the best results, however, she suggests investing in a facial roller. 

"You can get one in most crystals, though the most popular are jade, amethyst and rose quartz," she says. "They are the best way to get direct crystal-to-skin contact!"


BAIMEI Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool, Facial and Neck Massager
$9.99, £12.95

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