Where is the 'Dated and Related' cast now? (Not just the couples)

From love lives to career moves, the 'Dated and Related' cast has been keeping busy since leaving the villa

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Not everyone from the Dated and Related cast walked away with a success story. 

While some hopeful romantics found love—and one pair took home a whopping $100,000—others exited the French villa with nothing more than friendship and memories.

Although you've been updated as to the three Dated and Related couples' stats, what about the rest of the crew? You probably forgot about the Texas sisters who packed their bags almost immediately upon arrival. What about Rachel, who came in last-minute and was tossed between two fellas? Not to worry, reality TV fanatics: we have you covered.  

Kaz Bishop

Kaz and Diana walked away the king and queen of Dated and Related. Not only are the winners of the reality dating show still going strong, but they're likely going to use some of their earnings for a romantic vacation, sans siblings. 

"We will be sipping on rum punch," Kaz told Netflix's Tudum, "leaving Kieran and Nina in London with nothing but dust."

Kieran Bishop

Though Kiernan had set his sights on Nina, ultimately that did not pan out. (Thankfully, everyone is on good terms, given their siblings are dating one another.) He and Alara walked away from the show as one, but ultimately, distance and family-related matters brought them apart. But they remain on cordial terms. 

You might've also recognized Kiernan from his time on Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion, so he's no stranger to TV matchmaking. Although we know he's currently traveling and living in London, his relationship status seems to be under wraps, but should a leading lady make an appearance on his social pages, you'll be the first to know.

Lily Bajor

Lily and her sister were the first two contestants to leave the villa and walked away without finding love. However, her sister, Mady, helped wingwoman Lily into a new relationship that unfolded outside of the show and during their European travels. Now, Lily went from being a Texan to a Londoner, practically overnight!

Mady Bajor

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Mady might not have found love while abroad like her sister, but she is pursuing another passion project: a jewelry line with Gahlan Jewelry alongside her sister. 

"We have pieces for both everyday wear and we have gorgeous statement pieces all imported straight from Geneva Switzerland to you," she wrote on Instagram. "As some of you may know, Lily and I do live across the world from each other but it doesn't have any affect on the bond we have together. Each and every piece is named after different beautiful locations around the world to remind us of the friendship we have with one another."

Dyman Miller

Dyman and her brother Deyon arguably had one of the most difficult times adjusting and attempting to form connections at the villa. Dyman, who her brother believed to be a bit overeager, is back in the US modeling across California and Miami. At this time, she appears to be unattached. 

Deyon Miller

Deyon needed a little coaxing from his sister while on the show. Since he has left the villa, the former HR staffer appears to be modeling and traveling, though no updates on his love life...yet. 

Jason Cohen

Ah, one of our enthusiastic Jersey boys. Although Jason and his cousin Chris couldn't find a match on the show, they've uprooted themselves from the Garden State to Los Angeles, where their wingman duties have been in overdrive. Jason has also been working as a fitness trainer while on the West Coast. 

Chris Hanh

Chris followed Jason out to L.A. where he too has been active on the dating scene. But when he's not on the hunt for love, he's modeling.

Ceylan Taneri

The former professional footballer from the UK appears to have turned his attention towards modeling after appearing on Dated and Related alongside sister Alara. At the moment, he appears to be riding solo, but should any updates arise, we'll keep you in the loop.

Alara Taneri

The student and fashion designer called it quits with Kiernan Bishop, but she jokes that the men have been lining up since her Netflix premiere.  She's actively working on her line, By Alara Taneri. 

Nina Parsijanis

Nina and Daniel are taking the time to develop their relationship, even if there's a bit of distance between them. 

"Even though we are long distance, we’ve stayed in contact pretty much every day," Daniel told Tudum. "If we aren’t texting, we are FaceTiming or on the phone. Since the day I met her, she’s always managed to keep me laughing and it’s just always felt right, which makes it fun and easy talking to her."

Diana Parsijanis

Kaz and Diana are going strong, and the jewelry specialist appears to be enjoying life to the fullest in London alongside her sister and beaux. 

Corrina Roppo

Corrina had her heart broken on more than one occasion while at the villa, but despite the hiccups, she left the show with a positive attitude and new friendships. Now, she is working on a music career with an album titled "My Side" coming in October 2022.

Joey Roppo

Joey was all in when it came to his bromance with Daniel Perfetto, but didn't quite have the same enthusiasm for his partnership with Daniel's sister, Julia. Though he appears to be single at the moment, he has uprooted himself from Seattle to LA, formed a fun connection with our go-to Jersey fellas and seems to have been doing a bit of modeling. You can even hear him on his sister's new album come October!

Daniel Perfetto

Daniel appears to have made his way to LA like the other Dated and Related men, and  although he was keen on making his LDR with Nina work, his partner in crime, Joey, commented on a recent selfie on Instagram, "Chill out my boy… save some girls for the rest of us." What does that mean, exactly?!

Julia Perfetto

Julia was a bit reserved while on Dated and Related, but stood her ground when a pursuer gave his constructive criticism about her demeanor. (You do you, girlfriend!) Now that she's back home in Canada, she appears to be laser-focused on a fitness career, as evidenced on Instagram. No word yet on whether or not she's attached.

Henry Wade

Henry and his brother Will made their debut fairly late on the show but they seemed to cause a stir when they were a bit too focused on the finances instead of the romance—and when they came off a bit insincere, according to some of the castmates. They are digital content creators who have been working with different fashion and lifestyle brands, and have even interviewed Idris Elba at Dream Valley Festival 2022, where they were presenters. 

Will Wade

When it comes to careers, Will and Henry are partners in crime, and when it comes to their love lives, they've been taking their wingman capabilities to new heights.

"I’m not going to lie, Hennerz is a pretty good wingman,” Will told Netflix Tudum. "Let’s just say we’ve both had some fun since filming the show."

Rachel Foster

Rachel joined the show with her brother pretty late in the game and was ultimately not swept off her feet by anyone. The Irish born dancer seems to be making a name for herself as an influencer, but no update on her love life. 

Andy Foster

Although Andy might've had a little something with Corrina, ultimately walked away from the show without a partner. According to Instagram, he's a quantity surveyor and personal trainer who remains mum on his relationship status. 

You can catch Dated and Related on Netflix now. As for Dated and Related season 2, that remains to be seen. 

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