Are any 'Dated and Related' couples still together?

We have the scoop, but proceed cautiously if you're still in the middle of marathoning Netflix's new dating series

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What's going on with the Dated and Related couples? 

Upon venturing to the French villa to find romance, singles had their siblings in tow to help them search for a partner. On one hand, it was great to have that family support. On the other, it made the dynamic a bit say the least.  

Despite awkwardness, surprise challenges from host Melinda Berry and a bit of hesidating, a few contestants managed to find their other half while filming, and one couple even took home $100,000. Overall, not too shabby. 

There's no word yet on Dated and Related season 2, much to fans' disappointment—will you keep us waiting for long, Netflix?!—and there isn't any confirmation about a reunion of sorts. Given that fans are dying to catch up with the debut cast, we're remaining hopeful. 

In the meantime, however, we do have the scoop on how our three lucky pairs are doing now that their time on the show has come to an end. Ready to catch up with everyone? (Psst: don't forget to catch up with the entire Dated and Related cast, not just the lovebirds!) 


Some Dated and Related cast members walked away with a new love...others walked away empty-handed (but at least got to enjoy some spiffy accommodations). The trio of couples below saw success romantically, but some have been more fortunate than others.

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Kaz Bishop and Diana Parsijani

Kaz and Diana were drawn to one another almost immediately upon entering the French villa and ultimately took home the W. Of course, there were a few hiccups here and there (as one might expect), but ultimately Kaz dropped the L bomb and was the first cast member to make his union official. 

We weren't terribly surprised that the two emerged victorious, nor that they're still going strong. 

"He makes me laugh, supports me and has always been there for me since day one," Diana told Netflix's Tudum. "I genuinely appreciate these personality traits. I’ve never met a man with such a great heart."

Since their experience in the tropical villa was so positive, they're planing another luxurious getaway, but this time they're traveling solo...without their siblings. 

"We will be sipping on rum punch," Kaz said, "leaving Kieran and Nina in London with nothing but dust."

Better luck next time, Nina and Kiernan. 

Nina Parsijani and Daniel Perfetto

At first, Nina set her sight's elsewhere, gravitating towards Kaz's brother Kiernan, who was ultimately swooped up by Alara Taneri, the Kourtney to her Kim. 

Though tension brewed quickly between the Parsijani sisters and Alara, a Turkish designer, ultimately the dust settled and each party moved along to their appropriate matches. But let's face it—viewers enjoyed a little bit of trouble upon Alara's arrival, the first major dose of drama we experienced. 

Although Nina was not the winning Parsijani sister, she seemed to feel satisfied with her romantic switcheroo midway through the series. Currently, the two are long distance—she in London, he in Canada—but they're looking to make it all work through video calls...for now. 

"Even though we are long distance, we’ve stayed in contact pretty much every day," Daniel told Tudum. "If we aren’t texting, we are FaceTiming or on the phone. Since the day I met her, she’s always managed to keep me laughing and it’s just always felt right, which makes it fun and easy talking to her."

However, Daniel's partner in crime, Joey, commented on a recent selfie on Instagram, "Chill out my boy… save some girls for the rest of us." What does that mean, exactly?!

As for Kiernan and Nina? They've become close friends, which is especially helpful considering their siblings are an item. That could've made for some interesting holiday get-togethers, so we're glad to hear everyone's on good terms!

Kiernan Bishop and Alara Taneri

Alara proudly declared upon her arrival, "I'm coming for your man," and she succeeded. It seemed like a slow buildup, and perhaps not even a match at all, but she and Kiernan did find their way to one another after all...and came in the running for the grand prize.

Sadly, things seemed to simmer down, but there's certainly no bad blood between the two. 

"Alara and I had a lot going on back home after leaving the villa, so, unfortunately, things didn’t work out between us,” Kieran told Netflix's Tudum. "I had family issues, and Alara was busy at university, and she lived three hours away from London, which made it more difficult. We’re still really good friends and still in contact."

They remain on good terms, but it appears that Alara is moving on. She's insisted that he will have to "take a ticket"—men are lining up. 

Despite the success and failures, the crew remains in close contact and on friendly terms.

Even better? They've put their wingman and wingwoman abilities to the test in the real world. After a very early departure, Texas sisters Maddy and Lily decided to do a little traveling around Europe...which helped in the romance department.

"After the show, Mady and I decided to take a girls trip through Europe," Lily told Tudum. "We both wingmanned each other and she actually helped me find love! Thanks to her help, I found someone truly amazing who ticks all my boxes."

If you follow the crew on social, you'll notice they're all out with one another and frequently commenting on each other's photos and statuses. Even if the dating thing didn't pan out, at least everyone seems to have made new friends!


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Whatever is set to happen next, we'll be standing by waiting for all of the details, and of course we'll update you with everything you need to know. Until then, hopeful romantics!

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