The 'Love Is Blind' season 3 cast has officially entered the pods

Ready to meet the hopeful romantics? Let's get to know the 'Love is Blind' season 3 cast now that new episodes are here

love is blind season 3 cast member alexa leaving the pods

Ready to meet your new pod squad?

The Love Is Blind season 3 cast of hopeful romantics has been unveiled to the world ahead of the premiere on October 19. The Texans are ready to find the one...though they just might not see their S.O. face-to-face for quite some time. 

Considering that many Love Is Blind couples had a rough go—though some like Sal fared well post-pods—we're crossing our fingers that third time's a charm. Here's who's who!

(Who's destined to become the new Love Is Blind season 3 couples? You'll just have to watch to find out who says "I do" and who heads home.) 

Meet the 'Love Is Blind' season 3 cast:

Tony Taylor, 34

tony taylor love is blind cast season 3

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The medical device sales rep got out of a 10-year-long relationship and is looking for something serious, a "teammate."

Dakota Easley, 29

Dakota, an aerospace engineer and the founder of Invicta Luxus, a home collection of 3D printed skylines, is a Michigan transplant looking for a relationship like his parents' 40-year-long marriage. Here's hoping he'll be successful on his quest!

Brennon Lemieux, 32

Brennon, a water treatment engineer, isn't afraid to partner up with a take-charge woman. He's hoping his time in the pods will lead him to an "authentic" match, and judging from the first few episodes that just debuted, it appears he's already taken kindly to this experimental tactic. But will the love last?

Zach Gordon, 29

Zach might have his hands full as a med school student and an interior quality control manager, but he's managed to carve out time to find a real, lasting relationship.

Dale Dalida, 32

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The cybersecurity student, gamer and fitness enthusiast is getting fed up with the surface-level conversations and wants to find someone meaningful.

Simmer Pal Bajwa, 27

Simmer is a director of marketing technology who feels he has not put himself out in the dating world enough. Now, he's ready to change that and find his person.

Nash Buehler, 34

This realtor's heart is for sale, and he's looking to find "an equal partner" on Love Is Blind.  

Cole Barnett, 27

This realtor is looking for a woman who will love all of his quirks and his sense of faith. He has his eyes set on one woman in particular, but will he be confident with his decision when the cast is released from the pods...and everyone can actually see one another?

Anthony LaScalea, 33

This attorney was game for a new challenge when he signed up for Love Is Blind. He's excited to "date without distractions"...and if his match likes to whip up chocolate chip cookies, he'll be just fine with that.

Matt Bolton, 28

The private charter sales executive, golfer and self-described morning person wants to "open back up to someone in order to build a relationship." After a 10-year-long relationship didn't pan out as planned, will he be hesitant to let the experiment take its course?

Bartise Bowden, 27

Bartise is a senior analyst, gym buff and big fan of laughter. He seems like a perfect match for one woman in particular, but for those who have begun watching season 3, it might be surprising to see where he ultimately ends up...and will he have regrets?

Sikiru 'SK,' 34

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This data analyst claims to have a lifetime of unique experiences, so what's one more to add to the list? He gets very candid with one woman—and makes a shocking reveal about his family early on in the season—but will this MBA student be able to meet the match he's looking for? Here's hoping he finds his "boss lady" on Love Is Blind

Andrew Liu, 30

andrew liu love is bling cast season 3

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Andrew, a director of operations, is hoping for love at first, voice. He's a snuggle connoisseur and a problem solver. Creative ladies will be enamored with his amazing wildlife photography. Things take a turn for the sexy when he's chatting with one woman in the pods—he's candid and not afraid to talk about sex—but you'll have to tune in to see just what he means...and how his plans go.   

DaVonté Black, 29

DaVonté loves a good workout—he's a certified fitness coach—and is hoping to find someone with his sense of adventure.

Julian Torres, 34

Julian is a managing director of operations and a bookworm. He's hoping his time on Love Is Blind will prove that the motto is true. 

Ashley Randermann, 29

The chiropractor, equestrian and Texan is on the hunt for a gentleman to steal her heart, and she won't settle for anything less. We like a woman who knows what she wants, and more importantly, deserves.

Kalekia Adams, 31

Kalekia Adams love is blind cast season 3

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Things have been busy for the ICU nurse practitioner: between grad school, a residency and flipping her schedule for the night shift, Kalekia is ready to dedicate the time she invests in others towards finding The One. 

Alexa Alfia, 27

This 27-year-old Texan is an insurance agency owner and looking for the Ryan Reynolds to her Blake Lively. She hopes that participating in this experiment "eliminates the superficial" and provides her with an opportunity to find something real.

If you've already started the series, you'll soon realize she falls in (blind) love rather quickly and her connection just might make even the naysayers have faith. But what happens post-pods?

Amanda Peterson, 31

amanda peterson love is blind cast season 3

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Amanda is a stylist who considers herself a very creative person in the Love Is Blind cast teaser. Here's hoping she finds her equal in the pods!

Brannigan Maxwell, 35

The California-born, Texas-raised nurse has admitted that she's mistaken green flags for red flags in the romance department, but she's hoping Love Is Blind will change that.

Nancy Rodriguez, 32

Although the real estate investor is looking to settle down, that doesn't mean she's not up for an adventure. She's hoping to find someone who will be a good romantic partner and travel companion. If you've already begun your Netflix binge, you'll realize Nancy surprises herself with the realizations and decisions she's made while in the pod.

Chelsey Jordan, 27

Chelsey Jordan from love is blind cast season 3

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The customer success manager and self-described plant mom is willing to do whatever it takes to find her match—if that means participating in an odd reality dating show, so be it!

Colleen Reed, 26

Originally from Pennsylvania, the Texan is a PR rep and ballet dancer who's keen on finding  that "instant feeling" when meeting her match. She does face instant rejection—twice—but it seems those bumps along the way are long forgotten when she "meets" someone in particular.

Charita Scott, 35

Fed up with the situationships, this makeup artist is ready to take her love life to a serious level. She's looking for someone "funny, smart and communicative." 

Valerie Truong, 35

A dermatologist by trade, Valerie keeps herself busy after work by hiking, baking, writing music and surfing—a Jane of all trades! She's looking for a soulmate to share these experiences with. 

Zanab Jaffrey, 32

Originally from across the pond, Zanab is a Londoner making a name for herself in the real estate industry in Texas. Now, she's looking to close a deal on a husband who is "loyal, ambitious and loving." She'll break your heart with a few reveals, but you'll appreciate her vulnerability. 

Raven Ross, 29

This pilates instructor might be familiar with many a workout routine, but admits she doesn't know how to tell time, confessing that she's "late to everything." Regardless, she wants a responsible husband who will make her feel like the Michelle to his Barack (her favorite couple). You might think she's headed in one direction on the show, but she'll surprise you. 

Jess Gumbert, 30

The senior event producer might have a job that feels more like fun, but when it comes to games, she does not tolerate them in relationships. She's looking for a partner who will be her best friend.

Loren Langenbeck, 36

The medical device representative loves blasting her music, traveling, hiking and doing yoga. Should her match make great pancakes, she'll definitely be won over.

Kim Clarke, 30

The teacher and coach works best with a partner who goes with the flow and wants to watch the big game. When it comes to online dating, she's had enough.

Love Is Blind season 3 hits Netflix on October 19. The first four episodes are available immediately, and the following are released weekly on Wednesdays. Plan your screen time accordingly!

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