Double shampooing: should we all be doing it? An expert weighs in

We asked a top hairstylist, have we all been washing our hair wrong this whole time?

woman shampooing her hair in the shower
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Double shampooing is either a regular part of your routine or something you only ever experience courtesy of your hairdresser. Either way, is it completely necessary? According to one stylist, it's the secret to your best hair ever.

A recent TikTok by hairdresser has gone viral after she shared the ultimate wash day routine, in which she shampooed her hair not once, but twice before conditioning.

Asked about this in the comments she explained: "1st to remove grease and 2nd to clean the scalp. It's like sweeping the floor before mopping," later adding: "It's even an instruction on most shampoo bottles".

Understandably, this has led several people to wonder if they've been washing their hair wrong this whole time. So to clear the fog once and for all, we grilled an expert hair stylist who has shed some light on the subject.

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Should you shampoo twice? What are the benefits of double shampooing?

While shampooing twice can be beneficial, there's no hard or fast rule as to whether it's a "must" for your routine. "I absolutely love a double shampoo but it isn’t always necessary," says celebrity hair stylist Adam Reed, editorial ambassador for L'Oréal Professionnel. "Try double shampooing every other time you wash your hair, making sure you are using your finger tips to really work the shampoo into the roots."

Ultimately, the need for two shampoos is all down to your hair type, routine and personal preference. "If you feel like you have a large amount of product build up from over styling, pollution, environmental factors etc, then by all means double shampoo as you see fit," Adam advises. "There is no harm if you are using a good shampoo!"

As for what shampoo he recommends? His favourite range is the Serie Expert collection by L’Oréal Professionnel. "I have been using the shampoos for over 10 years – there is a shampoo for every hair need or concern from coloured hair to hair needing extra nourishment and shine."

woman washing her hair in the shower

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Is double shampooing bad for certain hair types?

"Double shampooing is usually absolutely fine for all hair types – I would say it is more down to the type of shampoo you are using," Adam explains. "If you have colour treated hair, make sure you are using a shampoo that protects the colour in-between salon appointments."

To maintain coloured hair, Adam always recommends L’Oréal Professionnel Vitamino shampoo ($20.71/£15) to his clients; he also flags the Source Essentielle shampoo ($10.99/£14.75) for sensitive scalps, as it contains chamomile. 

But for recommendations truly tailored to you, he says: "speak to your stylist, as they will be able to recommend the best products depending on your concerns and hair type. Drop them a DM or arrange a video consultation while salons are closed."

Are you already double shampooing convert, or will you be adding this to your haircare regime from now on?

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