A supersized 'Firefly Lane' season 2 is on its way—here's your first look

It's been a long wait, but 'Firefly Lane' season 2 is so, so close!

kate and tully in firefly lane season 2 working at their desks
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Breaking news straight from KPOC: Firefly Lane season 2 is making its way to Netflix at the end of the year. This mega installment—a whopping 16 episodes—will be the last chapter in Kate and Tully's story. 

Though we still have plenty of unanswered questions after that explosive Firefly Lane ending last season, there's one thing we can guarantee: it's all about to get very emotional, and we're hoping our two partners in crime can find their way back to one another. 

"I love their authentic, flawed relationship that it’s not this glossy, everything is perfect," Sarah Chalke (Kate) revealed to Variety (opens in new tab) about Kate and Tully. "You see them really go at it and overcome huge things, but then there’s this one thing that they can’t."

We're not so sure our hearts can take it!


'Firefly Lane' season 2 first look

Netflix decided to give fans a sneak peek at what they can expect from season 2. Judging from the screen grabs from the first few episodes, what we're seeing is not entirely unexpected, but we know our two main characters are in the midst of a seemingly irreparable friendship breakup

young kate and tully in firefly lane season 2

(Image credit: Diyah Pera/Netflix © 2022)

kate and tully as kids in firefly lane season 2

(Image credit: Diyah Pera/Netflix © 2022)

kate and tully firefly lane season 2

(Image credit: Diyah Pera/Netflix © 2022)

'Firefly Lane' season 2 cast

Familiar faces from season 1 who are reprising their role include: 

  • Katherine Heigel (Tully) 
  • Sarah Chalke (Kate) 
  • Ben Lawson (Johnny) 
  • Yael Yurman (Marah) 
  • Roan Curtis (young Kate) 
  • Alissa Skovby (young Tully) 

And it also looks like our group will be joined by a few new faces. Rumor has it that Heigel's Grey's Anatomy peers are set to make an appearance in the series. According to Deadline, Greg Germann, who starred in four seasons of the medical drama, will play Benedict Binswanger, the governor of Washington State in the 80s—which means he must be involved in some KPOC story! 

The publication also revealed a few other newbies to expect: Ignacio Serricchio as sports reporter Danny Diaz (who has the hots for Tully), India de Beaufort of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, who will play an up-and-coming journalist with feelings for Johnny, and Jolene Purdy (The White Lotus), who will star as talent agent Tully has on her radar. 

'Firefly Lane' season 2 plot

Well, the most crucial plot of all will be to get to the bottom of what horrible betrayal has ended Kate and Tully's 30-years-long friendship. What did Tully do to Kate, exactly? The second season will likely focus on this whilst also explaining what happened to Johnny in Iraq.

We'll hopefully also pick up where we left the teenage versions of the girls to find out where Tully goes when the police arrest her mother for selling drugs and she's ripped away from Kate's arms in that heartbreaking scene. And what does she do after quitting her job at The Girlfriend Hour

Plus, we're curious how closely the TV adaptation will follow the books. In the bestselling novels, one of our beloved main characters passes away. What can we expect from the series? 

'Firefly Lane season 2' premiere date

The first nine episodes are going to hit Netflix on December 2. The following seven are being release in 2023, though a date has yet to be announced.

'Firefly Lane' books

While you're patiently waiting for the show's return, why not dig into Kristin Hannah's bestsellers, too? You won't regret it. 

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We'll see you in Seattle soon, friends!

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