How to read the Firefly Lane books in order ahead of the second season

All caught up on the Netflix hit? The Firefly Lane books, the original format, will keep you plenty busy until season two

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Looking for a good beach read? Kristin Hannah's Firefly Lane book series is the perfect indulgence ahead of the show's second season. 

Netflix has left us with agonizing cliffhangers, especially in regards to Kate and Tully's once inseparable bond. If you're curious how things play out in print, the original format, we'll tell you how to read Hannah's books in order. 


What happens in the Firefly Lane books?

The core Firefly Lane friendship—along with its ups and downs—is just as engrossing on-page in the Kristin Hannah books as it is onscreen. Although the prolific author did not base the books on a true story, the best-friends saga is loosely tied to her personal relationships and college experience at the University of Washington. Trust us when we say, she knows how to hook her audience from the get-go. 

For those who are new to the show and the novels, allow us to catch you up. Firefly Lane follows the unlikely bond between the outgoing Tully and reserved Kate. At 14 years old, the two face their struggles together—challenges from parents, school and the typical coming-of-age woes. The story follows them through college and adult life as they embark on their journalism careers, parenting and relationships, all while keeping their friendship an important aspect of their everyday. 

However, the seemingly unbreakable bond does in fact shatter, and those who've watched the series are dying to know why. (Those who have read the books are a little savvier to what's taken place.) To fully appreciate the story as a whole, we'd be remiss not to recommend both the show and the books. 

How to read the Firefly Lane books in order

by Kristin Hannah ( $11 (opens in new tab)

Amazon, Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah ($11 (opens in new tab), £4.96 (opens in new tab)

From the summer of 1974 and beyond, Firefly Lane follows two polar-opposite best friends, the reserved Kate who comes from a straight-laced home and the bold and ambitious Tully, who's had to face abandonment by her own mother. The story follows the two as they grow older and embark on a journalism career, families and so on. One wrongdoing sets the two best friends on completely different paths. 

by Kristin Hannah ( $10.67 (opens in new tab)

Amazon, Fly Away by Kristin Hannah ($10.67 (opens in new tab), £4.99 (opens in new tab))

Will Tully be able to survive without her best friend, Kate? She'll have no choice. When her world shatters and she loses her other half, Tully is forced to pick up the pieces and help Kate's family grieve. Will the mother who abandoned Tully all those years ago be there to lend a hand when her daughter needs it most? 

Is Firefly Lane coming back to Netflix?

Netflix has officially renewed Firefly Lane for a second season, continuing Hannah's beloved story of two best friends-turned-enemies. There are so many questions we want to be answered: What happened to Kate and Tully? Will Johnny be OK? Will Tully's show go on?

We'll have to be patient, as the next part of the story won't hit screens until 2022. A specific date has yet to be confirmed. But Kate and Tully themselves—Sarah Chalke and  Katherine Heigl, respectively—assured fans that they won't be disappointed. 

“We don’t have all the answers yet, but trust us: It is going to be worth the wait. And we promise all of your questions will be answered," Chalke said in Netflix's season 2 announcement.

We'll be here waiting patiently, reading the bestsellers and listening to all of the Firefly Lane music until the new episodes arrive.

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