Rebel Wilson's Fluid dating app is designed for those looking for love "with no labels"—here's the 411 on the new app

Looking for an app where you don't need to define your sexuality? The Fluid dating app could be the one for you!

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Wondering about Rebel Wilson's new Fluid dating app and who it's for? Here are the answers to all your burning questions...

As many will know, the realm of online dating can be a bit of minefield—especially when most of the best dating apps require you to tick a box to define your sexuality and preferences when, in reality, it may not be that black and white. Well now, there's a new app entering the dating stratosphere that allows you to just be you—with no checkboxes or explanations of what you're looking for.

Yep, like the Thursday dating app, we've got another new dating space that's changing the game. Meet the Fluid dating app, brought to us by Pitch Perfect's Rebel Wilson, who describes it as "love with no labels." The app doesn't require you to fit into a box of social-sexual constructs, it's quite literally fluid and adapts to you—thanks to its very clever algorithm.

We know, we got high-tech there—but don't worry, we're going to break down everything about this app, from how it works, to where you can download it!

What is the Fluid dating app?

For the official explainer on the new dating app—we'll pass the mic to Rebel Wilson, the new app's co-founder.

Rebel explained to People that Fluid is: "The first dating app where you don't have to actually define yourself or tick a box to say 'I'm straight, I'm gay, I'm bisexual,' and you don't have to describe what you are looking for," before quipping, "it's kind of love with no labels."

The actress also added that: "Something like this would have really helped me and maybe I would have stumbled upon a female's profile and been like, 'OK, maybe I do want to message them.'

"I totally would have joined up for Fluid because you don't have to label yourself in any way. You just see who you connect with, I know that, to me, it doesn't matter about the gender, it just matters about the person."

As for how Rebel's own dating app experience on Raya influenced the start-up of Fluid, Rebel said: "I remember you had to tick a box saying 'Are you interested in men? Are you interested in women?' And they were the two options. It felt really weird."

Who is the Fluid dating app for?

What makes Fluid really special is that it's for everyone!

The app's official description on the Apple app store reads: "Whether you’re straight, queer, questioning, heteroflexible, bisexual, pansexual, gay, lesbian, open to exploring, anywhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum or you prefer not to put a label on your sexuality, Fluid is for you, regardless of your sexual identity. Everyone belongs to the Fluid community."

So, if you find other apps like Hinge and Bumble too restrictive, Fluid allows you to have a wider dating pool—which is especially perfect if you're currently exploring your own sexuality or are just want to try out a new dating app that doesn't force you to cite your preferences out-right.

How does the Fluid dating app work?

Oh, we're so glad you ask! The app uses an algorithm that adapts to who you're interested in—so who you seem to be clicking with, mutual interests and how long you spend on people's profiles, that sort of thing.

And if your preferences change while you're using the app—the algorithm will change too and follow your lead, adapting to your preferences. So it's never static!

Where can you get the Fluid dating app?

The app is free and will launch later in February 2023. It will be available to download from the App Store. You can also sign up for the dating app now on the Fluid website.

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