What is the Ghostface cult on TikTok? Inside the trend that's taking over accounts

There's no reason to be alarmed by the Ghostface cult, TikTok's Halloween-ready trend

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As spooky season reaches its peak, many have asked: What is the Ghostface cult, TikTok's perfect-for-Halloween new trend? Is there a reason users are showing their unwavering love for Wes Craven's infamous character? Allow us to explain. 

Though many of the platform's biggest fans weren't even alive when Ghostface from Scream began to wreak havoc in Woodsboro, they now seem pretty attached to the fictional serial killer. Does this mean we have an incredibly problematic challenge on our hands? Are people thinking about following Billy and Stu's lead? 

Don't freak out: this is simply (and thankfully) just a fun nod to one of the best Halloween movies ever. No need to think you're the next Sydney Prescott. Let's all breathe a sigh of relief!

What is the Ghostface cult TikTok trend?

TikTok cults aren't exactly a new phenomenon: in fact, they are a way to bring like-minded people together virtually. Joining the Ghostface cult involves changing your profile picture to the person/thing in question (in this case, the horror movie character) and allowing more people with similar interests to follow you, and vice versa. (Sometimes this can be good or bad, so use your judgment wisely.) 

If you're interested in reaching D'Amelio status on TikTok, this just might be the method in which to do so. Plus, it is a fun way to ring in October's frightening fun and celebrate the forthcoming Scream movie. (That's right—the story's not over yet.) 

Watch the 'Scream 5' trailer:

Ahead of the Scream franchise's new installment in January 2022, it's only right that fans don photos of the masked psycho killer, right? Though Craven won't be in the director's chair, the Woodsboro murders are getting a revival for a new generation. It looks like TikTok's biggest target audience is also the target audience for a new Ghostface. 

Have a look at how things unfold for the quiet California town...again. Think this is the mysterious murderer who will finally pull one over on Woodsboro—and Sydney?

'Scream' cult leader

TikTok user @scream.cult_leader is keeping the spooky spirit alive and well on the social media platform with a slew of content related to the character—wallpapers for your phone, Ghostface-themed raps and so on. Somehow, even former US President Donald Trump made his way onto the Ghostface page, which just might be scarier than any horror movie we know. 


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If you'd rather get out of town for the holiday, Airbnb will let you stay in the Scream house (yes, it's real) if you feel brave enough to tackle a '90s-themed night with one of the scariest villains we've ever known.

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