Who is Gio Helou's wife from 'Selling the OC'? Meet the realtor's other half

Believe it or not, Gio Helou's wife was the one who first suggested he check out the O Group!

Who is Gio Helou's wife from Selling the OC? (L to R) Gio Helou, Tiffany Helou in episode 202 of Selling the OC
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Selling the OC is becoming a family affair: Gio Helou's wife, Tiffany, made a few appearances throughout Selling the OC season 2, and if the couple's big news is anything to go by, we suspect she'll become a regular in Selling the OC season 3

Between the generous loads of drama—the Alex/Tyler situation, the Alex Jarvis and Polly screaming match, etc.—we did celebrate a few milestones, including Gio hitting the $100,000 million mark, an achievement that the couple rang in with a party. (Yes, the party included an ice sculpture of the agent.) Plus, the couple shared news at the end of the season that their family is growing. Perhaps the Helous will have another licensed realtor in the family?

On that note, let's learn more about Gio's other half!

Who is Gio Helou's wife from 'Selling the OC'?

Gio Helou's mother, Lisa Helou, is an expert in the luxury real estate market and a member of the Oppenheim Group, but his wife Tiffany is actually the one who got Gio his start at the California-based brokerage, though she isn't prominently featured on the Netflix series...yet. 

While strolling by the new OC offices, Tiffany joked to Gio that he should check out the brokerage and join the show. He took his wife's advice, and it just so happened that Jason Oppenheim was in the office that day. 

"We immediately hit it off since we were sporting the same Rolex... the rest is history," Gio told People.

What does Tiffany Helou do for a living?

The 34-year-old might've tipped off her husband about the O Group, but she is actually a publicist for her own company, HelloHelou. Additionally, she has a background in interior design, which is definitely something that connects the two, despite being an opposites-attract pairing. 

"We’re different in the best ways — I’m a thrill seeker, and Tiff is definitely more of a play-it-safe, planner type," Gio told People. "So we’re a perfect balance for each other."

Tiffany Helou Instagram: what's her handle?

Her husband's listings are grand, and so are the couple's travels. On Instagram (@tiffanyhelou), you can catch Tiffany and Gio making their rounds across the globe, including Puerto Rico, Paris, France and, of course, all over her home state of California. 

"I'm happiest when I have a packed calendar full of fun things to look forward to. My incessant planning (and endless calendar invites) sometimes drives Gio crazy, but I think he secretly appreciates it," she wrote on Instagram. 

How did Gio and Tiffany Helou meet?

Though the two wed in 2020, they actually first took their friendship to a romantic level back in high school—but it didn't end well. 

"I had a huge crush on Gio, but after one date he dumped me in the school's parking lot," Tiffany told People. "He was the first boy I ever cried over."

However, timing worked out in their favor, and when the two reconnected post-high school, it turned out to be in their favor. 

Tiffany and Gio Helou's baby news

At Polly Brindle's birthday, one couple-in-the-making stole the spotlight with a hot tub make-out sesh, but the event was also where we learned that Tiffany and Gio were expecting. 

After about a year of unsuccessful attempts, Tiffany learned that she was pregnant. She kept the news hidden from Gio for a few days so she could bring him back to a special place for them both, Laguna Beach, to reveal the news. 

"I took a pregnancy test on a whim, fully expecting it to be negative like the countless others had, and was shocked in the best way," Tiffany said.

Unfortunately, Gio's parents were in the midst of a divorce during Tiffany's pregnancy, but here's hoping a little one will bring happiness after such a difficult experience. The realtor-to-be is due in September 2023, so stay tuned for an update!

Selling the OC season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix. 

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