For Gio Helou on 'Selling The OC,' luxury real estate is in his genes

'I really just wanna show everyone that this is the level I play in and to not f*** with me'

selling the oc's gio helou and coworkers at the oppenheim group office
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With big listings comes a big dose of confidence. Gio Helou is in the spotlight on the Selling Sunset spinoff, Selling The OC, and he very much intends to make his mark on the California real estate industry. 

Described by the O Group (opens in new tab) as someone who "brings local expertise and an unmatched reputation to the team," Gio has considered himself a "top dog" in the Oppenheim Group's Newport office, as he was one of its first recruits (then joined by his colleagues, including Tyler Stanaland, Alex Hall and Lauren Shortt).

According to People (opens in new tab), it was his wife, Tiffany, who steered him toward the company. While out snagging coffee, she pointed out the office and insisted that her he take a gander and switch brokerages. 

Well, it turned out she was onto something. When Gio returned later in the day, he just so happened to bump into Jason Oppenheim, and the two were somewhat of a twin flame, and he claims their matching Rolex watches ultimately sealed the deal for the new work opportunity. 

"I really just wanna show everyone that this is the level I play in and to not f*** with me," Gio says in the teaser trailer. We definitely get some Christine Quinn vibes... 

Who is Gio Helou?

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Gio comes from a family of realtors. His mom, Lisa Helou, also has a career in real estate (like Tyler's dad, John Stanaland) and actually features on the show.

Gushing about Lisa on Selling the OC, Gio says: "My mom is a total badass. She's been selling real estate here in Orange County for longer than I can say. She's taught me everything I know. And I really want to live up to her legacy."

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You'll catch Lisa in a few episodes here and there. In one, she attends her son's open house and gives him some constructive criticism about making the place attractive to potential buyers. ("No wine upstairs.") She even lends an ear to Alexandra Rose on another episode, after she opens up about her difficult past. 

But Gio has more going on than you'd maybe expect. In a somewhat unexpected revelation from The O Group employee, Gio was once a filmmaker and participated in creating a documentary, though there are very few traces of his love for the industry online, with the exception of a Steve McQueen photo on Instagram.

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Although the realtor's Instagram is largely devoted to his career, we know he has a taste for the luxurious, whether it's homes, cars or motorcycles. From Ferraris and Porsches to Triumph bikes, Gio likes to ride fast.

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You can also catch him on Instagram with his wife, Tiffany, whether they're at industry events or gearing up for a relaxing weekend by the beach. Speaking of Tiffany, drama ensued on the show when she arrived at the office launch party. Sure it might not be the same level of drama as the Tyler Stanaland-Kayla Cardona almost-kiss, but it did play out throughout the debut season. Tiffany had felt snubbed by Alex Hall at the party, and naturally, the issue creates friction between Gio and his colleague. 

We're certainly anxious to see where things take this crew next, whether it's another $100+ million listings or a few romantic close calls. Raise your hand if you're ready for Selling The OC season 2!

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