Glossier's Balm Dotcom formula is changing and fans aren't happy about it

It looks like Glossier's Balm Dotcom formula is getting a makeover, but fans are not exactly pleased with the news...

Glossier Balm dotcom formula: the original coconut balm dotcom with old packaging alongside a product picture of the new Glossier Wild Fig Balm dotcom, with it's new packaging and formula / in a pink template with an arrow
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With the news that Glossier is coming to Sephora in the US, also comes the announcement that Glossier's Balm Dotcom formula is getting a switch-up—along with a packaging makeover—and let's just say, the change isn't going down well...

Whether you're a hardcore Glossier purist or just dabble in a few of the most iconic products from the millennial pink brand, then you'll have no doubt sampled a few of the Balm Dotcom flavors

Alongside the likes of Boy Brow and Glossier You (which is heralded as one of the best perfumes for women), the Balm Dotcoms were among the first in Glossier's OG repertoire, which launched way back in 2014. It's safe to say that the balms packaging and mouth-watering flavors are one of the most beloved products and have quite the cult following in themselves. Most of us have at least three flavors on the go at once—in fact, it's not unusual to meet a Glossier stan who has a designated Glossier balm for work, their car, and their handbag.

But despite its popularity and loyal fanbase, it seems Glossier is set on making a few changes to what makes the lippies—in the eyes of fans—a cut above the rest. So, while you momentarily celebrate the return of the Glossier wild fig balm dot com—here's what changes are coming to everyone's fave universal salve...

What's different about Glossier new packaging?

Yes, it seems the famous paint tubes—also synonymous with the Cloud Paint blushes—are getting a lil' makeover.

As we can see, instead of the flat, rounded tip which meant you would usually apply the product with your finger first, there will now be an actual, plastic lip applicator.

The new Glossier Balm Dotcom applicator is designed to swipe straight onto your lip, which will probably make our lives a lot easier and save us from having one greasy finger, but we get it—change is hard when the lip balm love runs so deep...

Glossier also makes a good point, that this design is more hygienic—plus they've removed the seam, which was sometimes prone to splitting!


♬ original sound - 🥷

This also means that the cute, teeny paint tube lid will be no more, so if you have any of the old editions, use it sparingly—from February 1, the new packaging will be rolled out, permanently.


♬ drunk in love - ★

Is Glossier's Balm Dotcom formula changing?

Like the iconic packaging, the $14 (£11) balm's original ingredient list is indeed also changing.

In Glossier's latest post announcing the return of the Wild Fig balm (hooray!), fans were quick to flood the comments with their feelings toward the reformulation news. 

One balm dotcom lover commented: "I just wanna know why y’all reformulated bdc. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I can put up with a new applicator even if I prefer the old one, but a new formula?"

While another quipped in response: "Yeah but reformulated *womp womp*".

And a third wrote: "Great start! Now don’t reformulate Balm Dot Com or at least give us the option to continue to purchase the original formula!"

Alas, despite their pleas, Glossier reiterated in the comments that the new formula and packaging were going ahead and would officially be rolled out on February 1 —and would also be coming to Sephora later this month.

So, what is changing in the formula exactly?

The brand actually announced the change in early January, which seems to have flown slightly under the radar with some fans. Glossier revealed: "After years of working hard as your holy grail skin salve, it’s time for a well-deserved upgrade.⁣

"Starting in February, our Balms are going to look a little different! Think: the much-requested finger-free applicator 🥳 And, a new clinically-tested hydrating, vegan formula!" While in the same breath, they also announced that the OG cherry flavor was getting discontinued *cry*.

From February 1 onwards the balms will no longer contain beeswax or lanolin—which is an emollient derived from sheep's wool and is actually present in a lot of skincare products—both of which are not vegan ingredients, as they're derived from animals. Instead, the lippies will feature synthetic beeswax along with a nourishing blend of Vitamin E, shea butter and safflower oil.

They've also swapped out petrolatum for Castor Jelly, which is a renewable ingredient that draws moisture to the skin and locks it in by forming a protective barrier over your lips. The new formula is also clinically tested to hydrate your lips all day long, so bye-bye chapped lips!

This is a win for anyone who prefers clean, vegan makeup and while we know the change might be disappointing for die-hard fans—you never know, the new formula might be better than the OG! Just trying to play devil's advocate over here...

Is Glossier Wild Fig Balm Dotcom coming back?

On a happier note, Glossier has announced that the fan-favorite Wild Fig flavor is indeed returning after popular demand. The yummy, fruity balm features a coral tint—though it will only be available with the new formula and packaging.


Glossier Balm Dotcom

RRP: $14/£11

Glossier's hero lip balm is currently available in nine dreamy flavors, including Wild Fig, which has just made its long-awaited comeback! The new vegan formula features Vitamin E and shea butter, with each balm boasting a different tint, scent or shimmer!

Still, this exciting return bodes well for those who missed out on snapping up the viral Swiss Miss Balm Dotcom in 2022...

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