Is Glossier at Sephora? The latest intel on when you'll be about snag Boy-Brow at your fave beauty retailer

Is Glossier at Sephora yet, you ask? The wait is almost over to shop all your faves in one place...

Glossier at Sephora: Glossier products including Boy Brow, the Glossier Deodorant and Cloud Paint in a pink template
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Is Glossier at Sephora yet? If you're wanting to include your favorite Glossier Balm Dotcom flavors and ride-or-die Boy Brow shade in your next beauty haul, we've got you. Here's what we know so far about when Glossier is coming to Sephora...

Any beauty enthusiast can relate to the pain of needing to replenish your makeup bag only to discover you can't add all your favorites to one shopping cart. Meaning it's twice the delivery charge and double the wait time for all your restocked staples—basically, a nightmare we could do without.

Thankfully for Glossier lovers though, this issue will soon be a thing of the past as the brand—beloved for its skin-first ethos, minimalist makeup and millennial pink packaging—is officially heading for Sephora and SOON!

Yes, soon you'll be able to shop all the best non-comedogenic foundations from brands like Armani and the best perfumes for women, alongside your go-to Glossier goodies—like the new Glossier deodorant! You might even be able to snag them on a few of the Sephora Sale 2023 dates...

But when is this magical day coming exactly? And will you be able to find Glossier in Sephora stores IRL? Here's what we know!

When is Glossier coming to Sephora?

While we don't have an exact date as of yet, the beauty retailer has narrowed down the time frame, revealing that Glossier is coming to Sephora in February 2023.

Until then, shoppers can now sign up for texts alerts, (opens in new tab) to be the first to know when Glossier You is available to shop at Sephora—*cries in millennial pink*

The brands first announced the exciting news in July 2022, with an Instagram post that read: "Guess who's coming to Sephora in 2023" alongside a crossword in the shape of Glossier's iconic smiley-face icon, with some of the brand's product names hidden within it. 

The caption of the post also said: "The first word you see is what you’ll be adding to your basket from this cult-fave brand 💄🎹🍒💖," with Glossier commenting below: "Who could it be?"

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The beauty retailer then followed up with another post, officially announcing the launch. It said: "Sephora 🤝 Glossier. We've been hard at work with the goal of bringing more Glossier to more people. Today, we’re so excited to announce our first-ever retailer partnership with @sephora! 

"This is a huge moment and milestone for our community and one that includes all of you! We can’t wait to see you in Sephora IRL,, and on the Sephora App in early 2023 (U.S. & Canada) 🙂👋"

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Alas, as mentioned, there's no exact launch date, be we now know it will be in the next few weeks, so watch this space—and as always, we'll keep you in the know for your next dewy makeup haul!

Will Glossier be coming to Sephora UK?

Sadly, it appears Glossier will not be coming to Sephora UK. In fact, it will only be available in-store, online and on the Sephora app at Sephora in the US and Canada.

Shoppers in the UK will still be able to buy products straight from the Glossier website. Plus, if you've been wondering if Glossier is sold in UK stores, there is also now a store in Covent Garden, London if you fancy the full Glossier shopping experience—because boy, is it an experience!

And while this is disappointing news on the Glossier at Sephora UK front, we do have some good news for beauty lovers! It's been announced that the first Sephora UK store location will be opening very soon!

Can I still shop at

If you're a fan of the complimentary Glossier stickers and iconic pink, bubble-wrap zip lock bag you get when you order directly from the brand, fear not! 

You can still order from Glossier's official site (opens in new tab) but now shoppers will soon also be able to find the brand in-store and online at Sephora US.

Until that wondrous day arrives though, here are some Glossier staples to snag in the meantime...

Must-haves to shop at Glossier

Glossier is perhaps best known for its staple products like Boy Brow and Glossier You—which is regarded as one of the most complimented perfumes by anyone who wears it.

So if you're new to the brand, or want to pass the time until you can shop Glossier in Sephora with a new makeup haul, here are a few must-haves...

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Glossier Deodorant

RRP: $22/ £18

The newest member of the Glossier family is this refillable, aluminum-free deodorant. It's made from pit-friendly coconut oil and ingredients like Superfruit Elderberry Extract, Magnesium Hydroxide and Potato Starch that keep you smelling great and feeling fresh.

It's available in four options, including a Glossier You scent!

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Glossier The Eye Uniform

RRP: $35/ £31

This set includes Boy Brow and Lash Slick, available in your chosen shades. 

Boy Brow one-stop to natural, feathered look brows, while Lash Slick gives you long, luxurious lashes without any mascara flaking. It's the ultimate daily 'eye uniform' and the perfect set for anyone wanting to try out Glossier for the first time!

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Glossier You

RRP: $64/£49

This warm and cozy perfume melts into the skin and has become one of Glossier's brand-defining products.

The scent features notes of pink pepper, woodsy, ambrette seeds and warm ambrox, with hints of iris for an extra dose of freshness.

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