Here's why you should be drinking green tea before sex

Get the blood flowing and turn up the energy by sipping green tea before sexy time!

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Cheers to a new way to get turned on: green tea before sex is believed to make the act all the more pleasurable. (And no one's averse to a cuppa alongside a bite of the viral sex chocolate, Tabs.)  

We weren't expecting 2023 sex trends to begin in the kitchen rather than the bedroom, but needless to say, interests have been piqued. Here's why experts are in favor of turning on the kettle before some friskiness, so make sure to have an empty mug at the ready.

Why should you have green tea before sex?

Green tea includes all the goods that will get your blood moving and increase your energy, which is a necessity when fooling around. 

"Green tea includes compounds called catechins which help with blood flow," says Charlotte Johnson, a sex and relationships expert at MegaPleasure. "An increased blood flow can help with getting and maintaining an erection for men, and increased arousal for women, which can therefore lead to a longer and more enjoyable experience."

Plus, if you're feeling a little cold during winter sex, this could be a good way to warm up—before the activities begin, that is. (After all, it's not all that sexy to wear wool socks during sex.) 

Meet the expert: Charlotte Johnson

Charlotte Johnson is a sexual wellness expert and marketing manager with the UK brand, MegaPleasure. 

What are the health benefits of green tea before sex?

Melissa Stone, a sex and relationships expert at Joy Love Dolls, believes there are many positives to a few sips of tea before sex. 

"Overall, these have been credited with a range of health benefits, including helping with your blood flow as well as being able to help with digestion, improving brain function and reducing bad breath, which can be very beneficial during sex," Stone says.

According to WebMD, the drink is also responsible for delivering anti-oxidants, so you get multiple wins. Who could say no?

Meet the expert: Melissa Stone

Melissa Stone is a sex and relationships expert for the brand Joy Love Dolls.

Tips when sipping green tea before sex

Be mindful of how much tea you're consuming—and what time you're consuming it. Sure, a few sips will do some good in bed, but you don't want to be fidgety at night or become dependent on the drink. (You already had plenty of coffee in the morning, anyway.) 

"Although drinking green tea contains many health benefits, there can be cons, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine," Stone says. "Excessive consumption of green tea may increase anxiety, restlessness and cause sleep disruption."

If you want to feel the benefits of the tea, take things slow. There's no need to have cup after cup.

"I would recommend slowly incorporating green tea into your diet if you’re wanting to consume green tea before sexual intercourse to gain the benefits," Stone adds.

Should you need to restock your pantry, never fear: there are plenty of other expert-backed foreplay ideas to help you get in the mood, too. (No tea included.) 

For those who are looking to heat things up between the sheets and in their coffee mugs, have a look at the best sex tips from the experts that are sure to work wonders. And while you're sipping on that cup o' matcha, peruse the best sex toys that you can add to your collection.

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