Where to buy Halloween hair color sprays and combs to take your costume to the next level

Impress everyone at the Monster Mash with these Halloween hair color sprays and combs...

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Halloween costumes are all in the details, folks and these Halloween hair color sprays, combs, and chalk can help accentuate your fancy dress look. Whether you opt for an easy Halloween costume, or you want to go all out on an extravagant, head-to-toe look, they're a surefire way to get spooky season-ready. 

Funky-colored strands will set you apart from the amateurs, so you might as well go big or go home—just make sure to take proper care of your locks when removing your temporary hue once the frightening festivities have come to an end. 

So, to take all the stress out of spooky season—so you can just focus on binge-watching the best Halloween movies—here's where to shop temporary and semi-permanent hair colors to take your Monster Mash fit to the next level...

The best Halloween hair color sprays, chalks and combs

A note to color enthusiasts looking to make a splash this Halloween: always read the product's directions before buying or applying to ensure it's suitable for your hair type and that you apply it safely. 

What care should you have when dyeing your hair for Halloween?

To ensure you prep your hair properly before loading up on your Halloween color spray, we asked an expert to share some top tips for getting it right. "Do a deep conditioner before [you apply] to help even out the porosity, and make sure you have a clarifying shampoo on hand for when you have to wash it out," says Kristina Dimoplon, stylist at Live By the Sword Salon in Brooklyn, New York. 

Dimoplon also suggests that those with processed and dry hair might risk getting stains on their strands, and those with "super" beach blonde hair should consider a wig as an alternative. This way you'll avoid staining your blonde tresses beyond spooky season. 

No matter what you're doing for Halloween—going out, staying in, dressing up or dressing down—we highly recommend indulging in the scariest movies on Netflix. in the lead-up to get you in the mood. October wouldn't be complete without 'em!

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