Where to buy Halloween hair color sprays and combs to complete your spooky look

Impress everyone at the Monster Mash! These Halloween hair color sprays and combs will cap off any festive costume

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It's all in the details, folks. Halloween hair color sprays, combs and chalk can help accentuate any look this spooky season, whether you opt for something sweet or downright terrifying. (Since we're currently bingeing the best Halloween movies, we're all for exploring the terrifying route.) 

Funky-colored strands will set you apart from the amateurs, so might as well go big or go home—just make sure to take proper care of your locks when all of the frightening festivities come to an end. 

What better way to secure victory in the costume contest than with a cool costume and 'do? Have a look at some outfit inspiration for easy Halloween costumes and polish it all off with the temporary hair colors below. 

See you at the Monster Mash!

Halloween hair color sprays, chalks and combs

A note to color enthusiasts looking to make a splash this Halloween: always read the product's directions before applying, as some might not be suitable for your hair type. 

US deals

Target, Jerome Russell Bwild Temporary Hair Color Spray ($4.99 (opens in new tab))

Available in purple, red, green and blue, Jerome Russell Bwild Temporary Hair Color Spray is a great selection for those who want to (briefly) dye their hair or simply accentuate a few strands. The color washes off with one shampoo. Do note that the product should not be applied to wet or chemically damaged hair.

Party City, Fixatif Hair Spray ($4 (opens in new tab)

This non-damaging aerosol hair spray comes in 14 shades and should be applied to a styled look. The color will wash out with shampoo and water.

Sephora, amika Desert Trip Temporary Hair Color Spray ($18, $9 (opens in new tab)

Add a chrome finish to your look with one of amika's three vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free pigments: Roseglow, Galactic Rodeo or Purple Haze. It's free of sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes and phthalates. 

Amazon, ArtShip Design Temporary Hair Color Pens ($12.99 (opens in new tab))

You'll receive 10 bold colors and six glitter colors in ArtShip Design's double pack . Be sure to follow the instructions on the label when applying. 

UK deals

Amazon, YUHENGLE Hair Chalk (£3.97 (opens in new tab))

You won't have a hard time selecting a look thanks to YUHENGLE Hair Chalk's 24 shades. The product can be applied to any hair color or style. It is non-allergenic, non-toxic, water-soluble and environmentally friendly.

Amazon, LauCentral Colours Hair Chalk Comb (£5.99 (opens in new tab))

Comb color through your hair with one (or all) of LauCentral's options: yellow, purple, red, blue, green or pink. The tool is non-allergenic, non-toxic, water-soluble and environmentally friendly. 

Amazon, Funky Colour Hairspray (£13.90 (opens in new tab))

Aqua, silver and gold are a few of the hairspray offerings from Funky Colour. Apply to dry, styled hair only.

Amazon, Homion Glitter Effect Temporary Hair Colour Spray (£11.95 (opens in new tab))

A six pack of various glitter hair temporary hair color: red, silver, green, gold, purple and blue. Color washes out after use. 

What care should you have when dyeing your hair for Halloween?

"Do a deep conditioner before to help even out the porosity and make sure you have a clarifying shampoo on hand for when you have to wash it out," says Kristina Dimoplon, stylist at Live By the Sword Salon (opens in new tab) in Brooklyn, New York. 

Dimoplon also suggests that those with processed and dry hair might risk getting stains on their strands, and those with "super" beach blonde hair should consider a wig as an alternative.

No matter what you're doing this All Hallow's Eve—going out, staying in, dressing up or dressing down—we highly recommend indulging in the scariest movies on Netflix. October would be incomplete without 'em!

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