13 Halloween nail designs to try this year to get you into the spooky spirit

Allow these Halloween nail designs to put a spell on you and provide you with all the ghoulish inspo you could ask for...

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"Sisters!"—it's that time of year again when pumpkin spice is all around, the air gets a chill and all the best Halloween movies return to streaming (like Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+!). Yes, it's officially spooky season, which means you not only need to get your easy Halloween costume sorted but ditch your glazed donut manicure for some Halloween nail designs. Here's all the best inspo for a truly devilish manicure!

Whether you're going all out this year with a Halloween party, or are planning a quiet scary movie night in,  having a themed manicure is definitely a must. And lucky for us, right now Instagram is rife with all the inspo you need, be it Halloween classics like cob-web French tips, odes to the Nightmare Before Christmas or some Stranger Things-inspired designs, the options are endless.

We live for the creativity, which is why we've set ourselves the mission of getting through as many Halloween nail art looks as possible in the lead-up to October 31. Want to join us? Here are some of the best Halloween nail designs on the internet right now for all the inspiration your heart desires... 

The best Halloween nail designs to try during spooky season 

Hellfire club nails

Unsurprisingly, since the release of Stranger Things season four the Hellfire club has become a very popular option for costumes and manicures alike! Infact, nail artist and Booksby ambassador, Alice McNails says: "My big 2022 Halloween prediction is that we're going to start to see Stranger Things-inspired nails!"—and has even mastered a Hellfire/Eddie Munson-inspired manicure!

What we really love about a Stranger Things nail look is that you can rock it all year round, not just at Halloween—especially when season five lands on Netflix...

Gothic Chrome & Neon aurora nails

Alice also remarks that "You can't go wrong with classically inspired Halloween nails like chrome cobwebs in black or nude with a high shine chrome." 

Chrome nails are already a huge trend right now, so it only makes sense to incorporate a dreamy shine into your spooky season nails. Plus, if you'd rather go for a more understated tribute to Halloween, chromes and neons are a good way to go. Like Alice's neon take on the aurora nail trend—they're giving major alien vibes!

Deadly ghost face nails

Nothing screams Halloween (see what we did there?) like a scary ghost face and this design is perfect. Created by UK-based nail artist Aimee, the design mixes the intricate detail of dripping blood on pointy french tips with the main feature: the Scream-inspired ghost face. We love it! 

Woodland witch nails

While stalking Aimee's page, we also couldn't get enough of this incredible spooky sorcery design. Not only are we obsessed with the colors (the black and orange ombre blends are to die for) but the clever mix of designs, from a slithering snake to a gloomy half moon, are what Halloween is all about. 

Bloody massacre nails

You can never go wrong with blood when it comes to Halloween. We're loving the marbled blood effect on these!

Cute baby ghost nails

If you prefer something a little less scary but still very much Halloween, why not go for these cute little ghost designs. Nail artist Nadia's pastel pink base also gives them a super neutral feel, making them great for your every day. 

Oogie boogie nails

Florida-based nail artist Ceirra created this spooky set inspired by the infamous Oogie boogie and as you can see, she killed it. Every single nail looks great but the green Oogie is definitely the highlight here. Creepy! 

Neon nightmare nails

Back on the subject of neon, vibrant and luminous shades are always a good idea for Halloween. The fluorescent moons, spider webs and snake designs on this set are the ultimate goth look and the point finish is the icing on top! 

Flesh & bones nails

If you love a red nail then these are the ones for you. Switch up your usual but adding this simple yet super effective bone design at the center, creating a chilling finish. 

Cute cartoons nails

California girl Aleccia's nail designs are the perfect combo of cute and creepy. This design, in particular, is one of our favorites as it seamlessly blends the classic Halloween colors: green, purple and orange. It also features a dash of spooky sparkles, not to mention the cute cartoons—we love! 

Spooky squad nails

If you can't decide which signature Halloween staple you'd like to pay homage to on your nails, then why not have a bit of everything like these nails? From Beetlejuice to Oogie Boogie and even a signature spider web, this design is definitely the ultimate Halloween squad. Plus, the short length is super cute! 

Creepy crawly nails

Nothing is more Halloween than creepy crawlies and somehow, this nail art manages to make what usually sends shivers down our spine, pretty chic! The power of Halloween fashion. 

Beetlejuice nails

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! This has to be one of the most creative nail art we've seen. This nail tech definitely understood the assignment because each of the designs are amazing and totally on point with the theme. 

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