Hilarious spring memes that are all too relatable this time of the year

From lingering frigid temps to bad allergies, these A+ spring memes perfectly sum up how we're all feeling

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As we scroll through our favorite spring memes, we're still cocooned in our comfy loungewear and fighting winter skin. Funny how that works, isn't it?

Though we're several weeks past the vernal equinox, we're pretty sure we're never going to part ways with our puffer coats and beanies, but at least we saw some gardens starting to bloom. We're making progress, albeit slowly. 

For all those who love the beautiful weather that we never seem to experience—at least for terribly long—have a look at our favorite LOL-worthy memes to add a little spring to your step, hopefully quite literally.

Our favorite spring memes to give you a good chuckle

...before the nearby flowers make you sneeze (if they ever bloom). Have a look at some of the best spring memes on your feeds and just try to stifle a laugh. We know you can definitely relate to these. (We sure do!)

1. Hot, cold, sunny *and* rainy

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No one ever really knows how to dress on any given spring day. 

2. 'It's finally spring!'

Put your Hailey Bieber sunglasses away—no one said it was time for them. 

3. Our expectation vs. reality

We really need to learn how to manage those expectations better, folks. We're only hurting ourselves. 

4. Grab your spring jacket

Let's be real: you're still recycling items from your winter capsule wardrobe, despite what the calendar says. 

5. Expand your spring wardrobe

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You'll need a bathing suit, a down jacket, a denim skirt, a wool scarf, a pair of flip-flops and cozy UGG slippers. Did we leave anything out?

6. Say you're sorry to Elsa

We're not sure who infuriated our beloved Snow Queen, but unlike Elsa, the cold does bother us. 

7. It's a good season to wear black

Now that we're adding some spring staples into our wardrobe, it's a good chance to get rid of all that black we've been wearing this winter. 

8. When the floral dresses start coming out

Everyone's in groundbreaking daisy-clad designs, meanwhile, you're still walking around like it's Halloween. Same, girl.

9. *ACHOO!*

Sure it's still freezing, but the pollen will find you...trust us.

10. April showers bring May flowers?

Let Anna Delvey do the honors for this. 

11. All-floral everything

We're trying to get in a gardening state of mind à la Spongebob, even if there's a chance of flurries in the forecast.

12. Enjoying the holidays

Who doesn't love when the Easter Bunny hops on by for a visit?

13. Is it here yet?

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? 

14. "But in a few weeks..."

*Justin Timberlake voice* "IT'S GONNA BE MAY!"

While it might not feel like the season has truly kicked off, do be sure to prepare ahead with our guide to learn how to wear pumps, the spring's go-to shoe, ace the dopamine dressing you're dreaming about and perfect the passionfruit manicure

Happy spring, friends (sort of)!

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