The Hot Girl Walk is the fitness and wellness hype taking over TikTok

But it's not what you think: the "hot girl walk" meaning and how-to is a little different than you might've imagined

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Don't let the Hot Girl Walk fool you: one of the many trending hashtags on TikTok is more meaningful than it might seem at first glance. 

Like most viral content, this fitness phenomenon developed at the hands of a young app user. TikTok user Mia Lind (@exactlyliketheothergirls) added vigor and positivity to her routine, and she's encouraging her 100,000+ followers to do the same. 

Ready the best workout clothes in your closet and celebrate this new way to keep active. We'll fill you in on everything you need to know.

The Hot Girl Walk: meaning, how-to and more

So, the Hot Girl Walk meaning. What does this routine entail, exactly? It's not about strutting your stuff or losing weight, it's more about focusing on your aspirations to reach your goals.

"Hot Girl Walk is about building confidence so you know that you can set your mind to," Lind says in a video of her trendy term. 

Part mindfulness exercise, part fitness routine, the three main areas you're allowed to focus on while on the "mindfulness walk" are: 

  • What you're grateful for 
  • Your goals
  • How hot you are

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Yes, the concept is simple, but it's easily one of the best TikTok exercise tips out there. It's doable but certainly challenging. The Hot Girl Walk means no negativity is allowed while out and about, so you can't stress, hold resentment, or feel down and out. Positivity only, folks!

The pros actually say that this mentality can make that morning jog or evening run feel less like work, which, of course, we're all for.

"Mindset is really everything," says running coach and expert Elizabeth "Corky" Corkum. "Our bodies have a direct relationship with our brains. Whether it's a long workout, a short workout, our energy kind of directs the course of how it goes."

As for the jog/run itself: Lind has worked her way up to a four-mile routine, but that doesn't necessarily mean the number is set in stone. Start with a goal you're comfortable with and work from there—it's all about being kind to yourself while you run, regardless of how long it's for. It's not about tracking numbers and slimming waistlines.

"Anything that motivates us to get out the door, gets us in the fresh air is always a positive thing," Corkum adds about the viral trend. "If we can go into that and unplug from distractions, it's a win-win."

Hot Girl Walk playlist: what to listen to

To keep our minds in check during our run, Lind has graciously created a Hot Girl Walk playlist with a roundup of empowering songs from the likes of Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Doja Cat. Feel free to run along with her go-to tracks or compile a list of your own. 

In typical TikTok fashion, this is another a-ha moment where we ask ourselves, "Why didn't I think of that?" A little positivity can go a long way, literally and figuratively. 

Plus, as we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month 2022, what better time than now to focus on how wonderful we truly are? Hot Girl Walk, we're ready to show you what we're made of!

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