These TikTok exercise tips will give you extra motivation while working out

Get in tip-top shape (and have fun!) with these TikTok exercise tips and tricks

The best time to exercise
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Is your gym routine in a rut? Sick of squats? TikTok exercise tips and tricks will help make your workout a little less grueling and a little more exciting, even if you're not earning viral stardom from each fitness clip you post.

It's easy to get caught up in whatever works well, but after three straight days on the elliptical, you're likely to get fed up. (Honestly, same.) Scour your closet for the best workout clothes and activewear, take a few notes, and get ready to spice up those boring fitness habits. 

Oh, and since you're likely going to need a few sips of water in between moves, you might as well hydrate in style with the adorable Chilly water bottle. TikTok might not have suggested that one, but we'd be remiss not to tell you about the cute patterned workout accessories. You're welcome! 

Footactive decided to do the heavy lifting (pun intended) and examine the hashtags #runningtips and #workouttips to see what fitness fans respond to most on the social platform. Considering these hashtags have a combined 754.5 million views, a lap around the track doesn't seem terribly trying after all. 

Let's take a look at Footactive's findings. Ready?

TikTok exercise tips to add to your workout routine

1. Go running in a different location

Chances are if you're sprinting all over Main Street day in and day out, you're not only growing a little tired of the scenery, but you're likely not feeling very challenged, considering you know the terrain so well. 

In order to find new paths and encounter different experiences, switch up your routine on a regular basis. Plus, don't you find it interesting to explore new places? Time to multitask, folks!


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2. Make a dedicated workout playlist

Do you stop mid-run to switch up your tunes? (No, just me?) Curate a playlist or dig into that podcast you've been dying to hear so that you're entertained—and in turn, engaged—while on a run. (We could always go for some Britney Spears.)


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3. Check your posture

Sure, running seems fairly straightforward, but if you're not following the proper protocol, you're likely to not fully benefit from your workout and you're liable to hurt yourself. Pro tip: shoulders back, don't slouch and keep your hands relaxed.


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4. Find motivation with friends

Exercising is very much a group effort. Join a fitness community, ask friends for advice, set goals for one another—whatever you do, make sure someone is checking in on you. Some of us can't be trusted to hit the targets all by our lonesome. (Guilty!) When in doubt, turn to a buddy or two.


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5. Make sure to warm up

Don't go into a routine full-force—you're not a beast! Warming up lets you switch things up and gives you the opportunity to prepare for the challenges ahead. Plus, who the heck wants to get hurt? No one!


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Feeling more inclined to get going? (Those TikTok yoga pants might also do the trick!) We'll catch you on that new running path. Be sure to also take a look at the best workout routine for your age so you can optimize that new fitness routine. 

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