How does 'Red White & Royal Blue' end? Romance fans can't wait for Prince Henry and Alex's story

The best-selling book comes to the screen this week, but how does 'Red White & Royal Blue' end? Here's what to know

How does Red White & Royal Blue end? Pictured: Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine in Red, White & Royal Blue
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A friends-to-lovers trope isn't easy to pull off, but author Casey McQuiston has expertly crafted one of the romance genre's best. So how does Red White & Royal Blue end, exactly?

On Friday, August 11, Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez assume the roles of Prince Henry and Alex Claremont, respectively, in Prime Video's film adaptation of McQuiston's novel. Given that the book has earned a comfortable spot on bestseller lists and captivated #BookTok, we're definitely ready to dive into this feel-good, romantic journey. But what happens in the final chapter? 

In conversation with The Cut, McQuiston said: “People always describe my books as wish fulfillment because of the fantastical romance elements and the happily-ever-after elements."

Can we expect Henry and Alex's blossoming romance to stay the same as it did in print? How will it all wrap up on screen after their highs and lows? We're about to find out.  

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
RRP: $10.93 | Amazon

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
$10.93 | Amazon

How does 'Red, White & Royal Blue' end?

*Warning: Major book spoilers ahead*

Before we jump the gun, we have to backtrack. Prince Henry and Alex are rarely on the same page, but after a disastrous altercation at a royal wedding leaves the US president's son and Queen of England's grandson in a precarious situation, the two are forced to feign a friendship. But throughout the course of time, this fake connection develops into something very real. 

"I am such a romantic—I romanticize everything in life," McQuiston told Publishers Weekly. "What resonates for me the most in any story is the relationship. Only romance can hit such bone-deep highs and lows. The chemicals that romance unleashes—dopamine and adrenaline—they’re addictive."

But what happens when a public persona threatens their happiness? Can Alex, the son of America's first female president, carry out a romance with the Queen of England's grandson without people passing judgment? Will they be able to live their truth?

When Alex's mother is up for reelection, it appears the two have no choice but to be authentic, as their private emails and photos are leaked during the campaign, exposing the relationship. But when Alex's home state of Texas surprisingly turns blue thanks to his mother's victory, they are able to let their guards down and carry on authentically. And given the unexpected election results—one that many Americans would welcome IRL in 2024—we're left with a feeling of hope that the world is becoming a more accepting and inclusive place. 

Will it all come to a close neatly on screen? Details about specific plot points have been scare, but our beloved Prince Henry offers some insight for curious bibliophiles.

"While obviously, the movie will be its own entity separate from the book, there's a great deal of fan service," Galitzine told People. "We're making something that is both a lot of fun, but it feels very elevated and it feels like a beautiful movie, both aesthetically and just the performances and the story." 

We'll have to wait to see the differences between each medium, but regardless, we're looking forward to journeying along with Prince Henry and Alex, wherever their romance takes them. And though nothing is certain, we're probably not parting ways with this fictional couple any time soon. 

“I will say that I have plenty of ideas for stories set in this world and would love a chance to explore one of them someday," McQuiston told Hello! "I would be surprised if you’ve seen the last of Alex and Henry.”

Red, White & Royal Blue hits Prime Video on Friday, August 11. Explore other notable LGBTQ+ shows and movies that are near and dear to our hearts.

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