Who's Taylor Zakhar Perez? Dating intel, career highlights and more info on the 'Red, White & Royal Blue' star

Taylor Zakhar Perez is about to take on his biggest role yet, and we have a feeling he's just getting started

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Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine are about to bring Red, White & Royal Blue to life, delighting romance fans and #BookTok enthusiasts everywhere. 

The bestseller by Casey McQuiston is poised to be one of the best LGBTQ+ shows of the year, and Zakhar Perez will star as the lovable Alex Claremont Diaz. Though we've seen the actor before, this small-screen adaptation is setting the up-and-coming actor up for greater success. So what's on his radar?

"My primary goal is to maintain my sense of self and remember where I come from," he told Numéro Netherlands in 2020. "That being said, I want to do everything from jumping out of helicopter action roles to pee-your-pants high-stakes comedies, but also diving into dark indie films that shed light on the unthinkable things that happen in this world. My goal is to be limitless."

Let's get to learn a little bit more about Alex Claremont Diaz IRL!

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Who is Taylor Zakhar Perez from Red, White & Royal Blue?

Born in Chicago and raised in Indiana, Taylor Zakhar Perez originally got his start in theater, performing various operas. Eventually, the actor went west toward Hollywood and found his way into the entertainment world. Before doing so, he graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, and garnered attention for his national swimming rankings. He's one of seven children and credits his large family for helping him assimilate into the world. 

"Even though they aggravate, antagonize and sometimes leave scars on your body, I wouldn't be who I am today without them," he further revealed to Numéro Netherlands. "You learn patience, compassion and ultimately how to function in the world with all the personalities out there."

Taylor Zakhar Perez movies and TV shows

Though we're certainly anxious for Red, White & Royal Blue, we've definitely seen Zakhar Perez before. He played Marco in another page-to-screen adaptation, Netflix's The Kissing Booth. In addition to gaining YA fame, he's also starred in Minx, Scandal, 1Up and High Expectations. You can get a look at baby Taylor in 1999's Cruel Intentions, where he plays Mateo De La Vega. 

Is Taylor Zakhar Perez Persian? What is his ethnicity?

Zakhar Perez has unique roots: he is of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Mexican descent. He mentioned when speaking to Numéro Netherlands that his parents always enforced giving back, and to this day, Zakhar Perez is involved with helping various charities. 

"I don't have one organization that I exclusively work with, but I have some family members with disabilities and I try to gear my outreach toward non-profits that support research or directly aid in a child's development," he said. "Anything that can take the stress off of the working parents."

Taylor Zakhar Perez age: how old is he?

Born on December 24, 1991, he is currently 31 years old and a Capricorn for those who are in tune with the cosmos. 

Is Taylor Zakhar Perez in a relationship with Joey King?

It didn't take long for romance rumors to swirl with Zakhar Perez's Kissing Booth co-star, Joey King—something he quickly put to rest. 

“Joey King and I are not dating,” Taylor revealed to GQ. “I love her dearly, but no, we are not dating. We might take trips together, but no.”

(FYI, Joey is engaged to Steven Piet.)

Okay, so who is Taylor Zakhar Perez dating then?

Like his co-star Nicholas Galitzine—as well as the Mike Faist dating situation and Michael Cimino's dating history—Zakhar Perez tends to keep his romantic life quiet. At this time, he is not currently tied to anyone, but you better believe fans' curiosities have been piqued. Watch this space for any romantic updates. 

Taylor Zakhar Perez Instagram: what's his handle?

Follow along with the actor on Instagram @taylorzakharperez—here you'll catch magazine features, brand partnerships, movie and TV clips, and even some family photoshoots.

Red, White & Royal Blue premieres on Prime Video on Friday, August 11.

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