Sex in pools is one way to keep cool this summer: sexperts shell out all of their handy how-to's

Fair warning, proceed cautiously when it comes to sex in pools. Read on if you're ready to take a dip!

Everything you need to know about sex in pools. Pictured: a pink bikini top by the edge of a pool.
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Kicking off the friskiest time of the year with sex in pools? It's certainly a, ahem, spirited way to beat the heat this summer. 

Sensual and refreshing, the aquatic activity is something you'd expect from a rom-com, but there's plenty involved in doing it right, staying safe and, of course, staying out of sight. 

"Pool sex can be a novel and exciting way to diversify your sex life, but there are some safety and logistics things to consider before partaking," says Natasha Marie Narkiewicz, head of communications at Mysteryvibe.

Do note that sex outside is something that could potentially cause you legal trouble, depending on your location, so if this is something you are considering, do proceed cautiously!

(Should you feel adventurous but would prefer to stay away from the pool—and in the AC—check out our wellness experts' best sex positions for the summer.)

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Natasha Marie Narkiewicz

Natasha Marie Narkiewicz is making technology less nebulous and sexuality more accessible by dismantling taboos one word at a time. Motivated by the belief that pleasure is a fundamental human right, Natasha’s sex-positive work aspires to destigmatize sexual topics and provide education, awareness, and hope for those who might be struggling to navigate their journeys.

She is deeply embedded in the sex-tech industry through her involvement in Women of SexTech, Women of Wearables, Love & Sex with Robots and Sx Tech Eu. She has worked with leading sex-tech brands like Lora DiCarlo, Xbiz, Sexual Health Magazine, Rosy & Aurore. In 2021, Natasha joined MysteryVibe as Head of Communications.

How to have sex in pools, according to sexperts:

Take advantage of the vitamin D perks and dive in for a sexy swim: bikini not required. 

1. Consider comfort levels

Regardless of what you're planning to do in bed—or in this case, the shallow end of the pool—talking about sex is the best way to make the experience more pleasurable, and to also get on the same page with your partner. (Never proceed without consent.) 

"Make sure you are continually in communication with your partner about your comfort levels, if you need to shift positions, if you need more lube," suggests Kiana Reeves, Chief Content Officer at Foria

foria sex toys
Kiana Reeves

Kiana Reeves is a somatic sex educator, certified sexological bodyworker, pelvic health practitioner, certified doula and Foria's Chief Content Officer. 

With a lifelong passion for sexual wellness and plant-based medicine, Kiana has been practicing in the field of sexual wellness and female reproductive health for over 10 years. Her career began in birth work as a full spectrum doula, working with mothers and families during birth, postpartum, abortion, and miscarriage. Her background in pleasure, intimacy, and sexuality is informed by her work as a certified somatic sex educator, offering her clients hands-on experiences to connect with their bodies and their pleasure. 

Her commitment to promoting open dialogue ultimately led her to become a voice for Foria as Chief Content Officer. With a commitment to helping people feel more connected to their own sexual experiences and their bodies, Kiana harnesses her certifications and qualifications to help drive Foria’s content and brand education. 

2. Stay protected

Your environment might be a little different, but that doesn't mean you can bypass contraception measures. Do note that the water will make things a tad trickier, as a chlorinated pool might lead to breakage with condoms. 

"While some forms of contraception, like hormonal birth control methods, can be used regardless of the environment, it's important to note that water can wash away natural lubrication and potentially compromise the effectiveness of barrier methods such as condoms," Reeves notes. 

Narkiewicz believes the more effective contraception for this scenario would be IUDs or birth control pills. If you're interested in switching your method, schedule an appointment with your gyno.

Aruj Javid, LOOKFANTASTIC’s group pharmacist adds: "Whilst your condom should be fine in the water, they are more likely to break or come off altogether, especially in chlorinated pools. Make sure that you’re aware of this potential risk to protect yourself from STIs and STDs. However, in terms of protecting yourself from pregnancy, oral contraceptives or IUDs should be an effective method.”

Aruj Javid

According to Aruj Javid's résumé, she is a "resourceful and results-oriented specialist prescribing pharmacist, with valuable experience in hospital, general practice and community pharmacy."

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3. Also consider water safety

You might not need noodles or floaties, but there are definitely safety measures to take into consideration when enjoying sexy time in the pool.

"There is a risk of slipping and falling, as well as the learning curve of choreographing an intimate dance between two people in a space that’s unfamiliar," Narkiewicz warns. "Use the pool’s steps, bars, and sides for stability and safety both when getting in and during the act."

Once you make your way over to the recommended shallow end, which makes movement a bit easier, be mindful of the moves, too. 

"Sex can be a physically demanding activity, and so is swimming, so choose your positions and area wisely to prevent fatigue and, depending on your swimming aptitude, drowning."

4. Protect yourself against side effects

"In terms of the dangers of the sexual act itself, you open the risk of a greater chance of vaginal irritation," Javid says. "Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are a common risk associated with having sex in water."

Keep in mind that chlorine can also be difficult to work with, as it irritates the skin. Silicon lube lets you enjoy the moment but will remain durable throughout the experience.

Sexologist Marla Renee Stewart adds: "Another thing to consider is if you have a sensitive vulva and vagina and what kind of pool it is. Too much chlorine and/or other chemicals can throw your pH off and even though the sex may be great at the time, you just may be out of commission for the next seven days due to a yeast infection or getting BV."

Marla Renee Stewart

Marla Renee Stewart, MA, is a sexologist at Velvet Lips, Lovers and a lecturer in gender and women's studies at Clayton State University. She's also written for a variety of academic publications and is a frequent presenter at conferences. Above all, her goal is to get people in touch with their body, mind and spirit.

5. Bring in toys

Find the waterproof gadgets in your bag of tricks and enjoy a little extra stimulation.

"It's important to look for sex toys that are specifically labeled as waterproof if they have batteries, as they are designed to withstand contact with water without compromising their functionality," Reeves says. "Some popular waterproof toy options include silicone-based toys or those made with other non-porous materials that are easy to clean and maintain."

Have a look at what some of our sexperts recommend:

VUSH Plump Palm Vibrator

VUSH Plump Palm Vibrator

According to Javid, this egg-shaped device "offers a gentle sensorial experience—and it’s waterproof! This particular vibrator offers all-over stimulation for the vulva for more targeted pleasure."

Gender X Orgasmic Orchid Poseable Strapless Strap-On

Gender X Orgasmic Orchid Poseable Strapless Strap-On
$129 | Lovers

Per Stewart, "Gender X's Orgasmic Orchid Strapless Strap-On is a great toy for those with strong pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. It's fully submersible and has an incredible amount of vibration for those folks who like some vibes with their penetration. It makes for great penetrative grinding and because it's poseable, it has the ability to fit in any position that you want to explore in the water."

What do you think: ready to take a dip?

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