How to watch 'Love Island France' as singles at the Gran Canaria villa look for romance

Curious how to watch 'Love Island France'? We'll help you catch up with one of the best parts of the franchise!

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J'adore romantic chaos? Then you'll need to know how to watch Love Island France. 

A fun counterpart to the popular UK series, Love Island France is just as messy as its predecessor and will leave you glued to the TV screen. For très drama, look no further than the Gran Canaria villa. 

How to watch 'Love Island France' no matter where you are

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Time and date: The season has ended so you can now watch the whole season
Channel: W9
Stream: 6Play
Watch anywhere: Stream from anywhere with ExpressVPN

How to watch 'Love Island France' in France

Though everything just wrapped, there's still plenty to watch, especially considering a Love Island season is a big commitment, and you might need a little time playing catch-up. (No judgement—we, too, have very busy TV schedules.) 

If you happen to call the City of Lights your home, the show aired on on 6play on Sundays at 9pm. Now that the winners have been crowned, you can catch up with how everything unfolded thanks to 6play or the 6Play Max option (€4.99/month). Season one of the show is also available to stream on Prime Video France

Do we sense an incoming marathon? Grab a glass of red wine and cheers to all of the fun you're about to witness.

How to watch 'Love Island France' in the US and beyond

Those stationed across the globe will be able to catch up on Love Island France with the help of a VPN, which allows you to change your device's IP address to unlock content that might not be available in your physical location. 

We highly recommend Express VPN, the top-rated VPN from our sister site, TechRadar. You can try it risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, your activity is secure, data is private and help is available whenever you need, 24/7. (Should you encounter any issues while using the VPN, remember to delete the cookies from your device or switch to a new server.)

Here's how to get started with a VPN for Love Island France:

1. 6play is a service that is free to watch, but you will need to create a separate account in order to start streaming. ExpressVPN is a complement to your 6play account.

2. Follow the download instructions for Express VPN

3. Open the app, and select your server location as anywhere in France. 

4. Once Express VPN is installed and your locale is set to France, log onto your 6play account and follow the instructions to start streaming Love Island France

Is 'Love Island France' in French?

Good news for our French-speaking viewers: Love Island France is in French. We're awaiting subtitles.

Who were the contestants on 'Love Island France'?

Who gave romance a shot on Love Island France? These are the OG ladies who ventured into the villa for this series: 

  • Perrine
  • Fiona
  • Perle
  • Cindy
  • Anna

And of course, the male contestants: 

  • Valentin
  • Simone
  • Gabriel
  • Edgar
  • Sacha
  • Issam

Let's not forget that newbies will enter the competition throughout the series, so there's no guarantee that the OG crew will be safe in the relationships they form. 

Who won 'Love Island France' 2023?

Did you really think we'd give away that kind of intel, folks? You're going to have to rewatch the season to find out. What we *will* tell you is that the couple that emerged victorious originally did not match with one another upon arrival at the villa. They both endured a couple of heartbreaks before finding their way to one another.

Where is 'Love Island France' located?

Unlike the Love Island UK filming location, singles ventured to Gran Canaria to find love.

For more steamy reality-show adventures, venture over to the UK version of the series, for all the latest on the Love Island 2023 cast, the juicy Casa Amor intel, the Love Island Aftersun panelists and, of course, keep you up-to-date on all things Maya Jama

Will there be a 'Love Island France' season 3?

At the time of publication, there's no word as to whether or not Love Island France will return for a third installment. Of course, we're keeping our fingers crossed and will update you as soon as more information becomes available.

What else to watch if you love 'Love Island France'

Love Island USA season 5 is underway on Peacock. (Here's where to find the Love Island USA cast on Instagram if you're looking to do a little research.) Judging from the sound of things, they're really going to up the ante for the fifth go-around. 

"Temptations will rise and drama will ensue as new 'bombshells' arrive throughout the season, forcing Islanders to decide if they want to remain with their current partners or recouple with someone new," the show's description reads. "Islanders will also be at the mercy of viewers at home who will vote to determine who gets another shot at love and who leaves the villa heartbroken and empty-handed." 

And yes, that Ariana Madix Love Island cameo is officially happening, folks. 

But if you're looking to break free from the franchise, at least for one night a week, we suggest you learn how to watch Made In Chelsea as its groundbreaking new season unfolds. 

Made in Chelsea: Corsica 2023 will feature the first three-way male kiss in UK TV history. This comes on the heels of another huge moment in 2020, when the series was given the title of the first reality to show a same-sex wedding in the UK.

"The channel has endeavored to really be on our side in this storyline," Joel Mignot told MailOnline. "If other people have negative complaints, then I don't care because Channel 4 have worked with us tirelessly to portray this story in the best possible light."

Should you want more reality TV, we can also help you learn how to watch Celebs Go Dating's new season.

For more information about how to watch Love Island and its spinoffs from around the world, check out Express VPN's guide

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