How to watch 'The Big D,' summer's juicy new dating show, from anywhere in the world

Not *that* big D—this dating show focuses on divorce and our 'how to watch The Big D' guide ensures you won't miss a single messy minute

How to watch The Big D-- Season:1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Brooks Peters, Dede Lewis, David Mims, Ariel Lyndsey, Thakur Wint, Ally Lee, Alexis Nicole, Devon Wright, Gillian Messina, Casey Costa, David Novello, Blair Delgado
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Craving romantic chaos? You need to learn how to watch The Big D

A new series from USA Network boasts a provocative name and cringe-y premise à la The Ultimatum: couples who are at a crossroads in their relationships are shipped to a tropical Costa Rican villa—of course—and forced to match with new pairs to see if they want to reconcile with their original partner or venture to pastures new. The difference here? The six couples in The Big D were once married!

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Time and date: 10pm ET, Wednesday, June 14
Channel: USA Network
Stream: Peacock
Watch anywhere: Stream from anywhere with ExpressVPN

How to watch 'The Big D' wherever you are

In need of drama? We get it: whatever goes down at these villas tends to be pretty juicy. Although the show premieres on USA Network for those stateside, we'll tell you how to access the adventure for confused couples no matter your location. (Wine, anyone?) 

How to watch 'The Big D' in the US

Tune in to the shenanigans on Wednesday, June 14 at 10pm ET on USA to meet the couples, see what hurdles they need to overcome and what chaos awaits as they mix and mingle with potential new daters. Additionally, the show will appear on sister networks such as Bravo and E! but schedules vary. 

Should you not have cable, you'll be able to watch the show the next day on Peacock, with the premiere episode available on Thursday, June 15. 

How to watch 'The Big D' in the UK and everywhere else

No need to be in the U.S. to see the reality dating experiment unfold. Tune in with a VPN, which allows your device of choice to change its IP address, which helps you change your location so that you can browse anonymously.

We highly recommend Express VPN, the top-rated product from our sister site, TechRadar. You can try it risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, your activity is secure, data is private and help is available whenever you need it, 24/7. 

Here's how to get started with a VPN, so you can watch The Big D from anywhere in the world:

  1. First off, you need to make sure you have a Peacock account so you can log in once your VPN is set up.
  2. Download ExpressVPN, using the easy-to-follow instructions.
  3. Once you've installed your VPN, open the app and select your server location as anywhere in the United States
  4. With your ExpressVPN installed and your location set to the United States, head to Peacock, log in and follow the instructions to stream The Big D. (Should you encounter any issues while using the VPN, remember to delete the cookies from your device or switch to a new server.)

Watch 'The Big D' sneak peek trailer:

What is 'The Big D' show about?

The Big D lives up to its tagline: "Divorce is hard." 

Six former couples meet at a Costa Rican villa and go on "ex-ercises" to see if they're more suitable with someone else rather than their ex. Would you want to date in front of an ex—especially one that you were married to?!

But to balance out the ups and downs, couples will be pleased to know that the winning pair who emerges from the experiment successfully will be rewarded $50,000. No too shabby! 

This comes at a welcome time, now that the Vanderpump Rules secret has been revealed at the reunion, seemingly putting an end to #Scandoval. Since we also recently finished up The Ultimatum: Queer Love reunion, we wouldn't mind another round of a similarly chaotic dating series. (Here's which couples from The Ultimatum: Queer Love are still together, FYI.) 

The Big D was originally supposed to air on TBS in 2022. But after it was scrapped, USA swooped in to breathe new life into the show alongside its other anticipated reboot, Temptation Island, which premieres an hour beforehand at 9pm ET on Wednesday, June 14. This is all part of the network's "Hump Day" programming.

Who's hosting 'The Big D' show? 

IRL couple JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers from The Bachelorette will do the honors of hosting The Big D. They'll also rely heavily on help from resident relationship expert Dr. Jada Jackson. 

It's bound to be chaotic—this is reality TV, after all—but Fletcher hopes that it'll change the divorce narrative. 

"I think one of the stigmas behind [divorce] is that you’re a failure. You’re done. That there is no hope after heartbreak," she told TV Insider. "I feel like breaking down those walls and that stigma was something we were really excited about doing."

Who are the couples in 'The Big D'?

Six divorced pairs have, perhaps against their better judgment, decided to partake in this wild TV experiment. Here are the couples: 

  • Ariel Lyndsey and Blair Delgado
  • Casey Costa and Brooks Peters
  • Alexis Nicole and Devon Wright 
  • Dede Lewis and Thakur Wint
  • Ally Lee and David Mims
  • Gillian Messina and David Novello

Ready to tune in? Catch you in Costa Rica! Watch The Big D every Wednesday at 10pm on USA Network, and next-day on Peacock. 

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