Is 'Ginny & Georgia' cancelled? Fans are on edge about a return to Wellsbury

How can we possibly part ways with the Miller family after all that's happened?!

Ginny being arrested during her wedding to Paul in Ginny & Georgia season 2
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Is Ginny & Georgia canceled? Have we unknowingly visited Wellsbury for the final time?

The Netflix dramedy focuses on a young mother named Georgia (Brianne Howey) and the complications she experiences with her teen daughter, Ginny (Antonia Gentry). And complications are aplenty, that's for sure.

Throughout the sophomore installment, we were left wondering who Georgia killed (er, it's a long list) and if Georgia would go to jail. After the shocking Ginny & Georgia ending, everyone was left on a cliffhanger, so it only makes sense for the story to continue. Regardless, fans are uncertain about what the future holds for the complicated Miller family. 

Is 'Ginny & Georgia' cancelled?

No word yet on whether or not Ginny & Georgia is canceled, but viewers are suspicious about the next chapter considering the show's creator, Sarah Lampert, isn't sure what's happening, either. 

In an interview with Deadline, she admitted that she loved the creative freedom she was given in season 2, but she confessed that she hasn't heard back regarding what's next.

"There’s been no talks with Netflix about season 3," she told the publication. "They’re very regimented about how they do things. So there’s very much a strategy in place where I think we’ll drop it, and then we have to wait to see how it does and if we’re going to see season 3, but I certainly hope we do because it’s going to be a wild ride."

The show's new season has only been streaming for two weeks so perhaps it's too soon to tell, but it did land in the Netflix Top 10 in over 80 countries, per The Wrap. For the naysayers out there, remember when we were worried about Wednesday being cancelled? It turned out to be a very long wait, but the Tim Burton reboot was definitely renewed. 

The ball's in Netflix's court now, so we'll have to wait for its next move. But taking the success into account—180 million streaming hours and counting—we're hopeful about Ginny & Georgia season 3. Stay tuned for updates!

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