Who did Georgia kill in 'Ginny & Georgia'? The shock revelations

She has *quite* the criminal past, but exactly who did Georgia kill in 'Ginny & Georgia'?

Brianne Howey as Georgia Miller in Ginny & Georgia season 2
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The second season of Ginny & Georgia hit Netflix earlier this year, and was filled with more mother-daughter drama and, yes, more murder—but who did Georgia kill in Ginny & Georgia?

The Netflix dramedy is part coming-of-age story and part crime thriller, as it follows teenaged Ginny Miller (Antonia Genry) and her young single mother Georgia (Brianne Howey) as they uproot from Texas to the charming New England town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts. The pair relocated following the death of Georgia's husband Kenny Drexel—however, the specifics of her spouse's sudden demise are, in season 1, shrouded in mystery. And things get even more complicated when a private investigator begins tailing Georgia. 

By the time that shocking season one Ginny & Georgia ending aired, it was clear that Georgia isn't all that she seems—underneath that Southern belle facade, is she really a serial killer? With Ginny & Georgia season 2 now available on the streaming platform as of January 5, let's dive into the elder Miller's crimes. 

*Warning: spoilers are very much ahead!*

Who did Georgia kill in 'Ginny & Georgia'?

1. Kenny Drexel

Who did Georgia kill in season 1, then? The first season of Ginny & Georgia kicks off with a mysterious death: that of Kenny Drexel (Darryl Scheelar), Georgia's wealthy husband and Ginny's stepfather. While it appears as if Kenny simply suffers a heart attack while driving, we eventually find out that Georgia actually killed him with wolfsbane, an extremely poisonous blue flower blended into his protein shake, which is what causes him to go into cardiac arrest. 

While Ginny struggles with knowing that Georgia has killed a person after PI Gabriel Cordova (Alex Mallari Jr.) tells her of his suspicions about her mother, she realizes that Georgia did so because she saw Kenny sexually assaulting the teen and touching her inappropriately while she did yoga the night before his death. She ultimately chooses to protect her mother and does not give Cordova any information about what really happened.

As well as killing Kenny, Georgia also had his body exhumed and cremated and, at the end of season one, we find out that she also turned his ashes into fireworks to celebrate her fiancé Paul's reelection as mayor of Wellsbury.


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2. Anthony Greene

It turns out that Kenny Drexel was not Georgia Miller's first husband. Yes, she was married to Anthony Green (portrayed by Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll) when she was a teen mother living in New Orleans, Louisiana with baby Ginny. 

As seen in flashback, Anthony Greene was Georgia's landlord and employer, who young Georgia (Nikki Roumel) marries after getting caught running an illegal gambling ring, as a way to ensure that Child Protective Services doesn't take Ginny away from her. Anthony is much older than the 17-year-old and seriously creepy. So, fed up with his shady behavior, Georgia spikes his drink with pills and kills him. However, in season two, she promises Georgia that what happened was an accident, and that she only meant for Anthony to go to sleep for a few hours. 

To dispose of Anthony's body, Georgia contacts Blood Eyes, the biker gang that she was once upon a time a member of. Believing that Anthony abandoned the teen and her toddler, the police don't investigate his disappearance. That is, until Cordova starts poking into Georgia's past and finds that, along with Kenny's passing, Anthony is still considered a missing person. 

3. Tom Fuller

And Georgia hasn't only killed her own husbands—during that Ginny & Georgia season 2 ending, it's discovered that she also caused the death of Tom Fuller, the husband of her frenemy Cynthia (Sabrina Grdevich).

In episode eight of season two, we see Georgia suffocate Tom—who has been comatose from a long illness with no chance of recovery—using a pillow, an apparent act of sympathy for Cynthia, who tearfully shared with Georgia moments earlier that she wants Tom to pass peacefully so that she and her son can move on from this tragic state of limbo that they're stuck in. 

While Cynthia goes to check on their sons who are playing hide-and-seek, Georgia is left alone with Tom and smothers him until he flatlines. However, what she doesn't know is that her son Austin is hiding in the closet and witnesses the crime, and is horrified by what he sees.

Georgia at her wedding in Ginny & Georgia

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Tom Fuller in Ginny & Georgia is then laid to rest. Thinking that his illness finally took Tom, Cynthia is not suspicious of his passing, but Cordova is, after Nick tells him that Georgia was the only one in the room with Tom when he died. Though he doesn't have concrete proof (that we know of), in the final moments of the season, we see Cordova and law enforcement crash Georgia and Paul's fairytale wedding to arrest the bride for Tom's murder. "But I didn't tell anyone!" Austin cries as his mother is taken away in the cop car. So who did? We'll have to wait to find out in Ginny & Georgia season 3!

So in answer to the question, who did Georgia kill in Ginny & Georgia —it appears the mom-of-two has rather a habit of murdering (accidentally or otherwise) her former husbands! 

Following Georgia's arrest at the end of season 2, it's unclear whether she'll end up having to serve time for her crimes. Only time will tell...

The second season of Ginny & Georgia is now streaming on Netflix.

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