Josh, 'Love Is Blind' season 4's latest pot-stirrer, is going to fill you with *so* much rage

Is Josh out to mend his relationship with Marshall...or steal Jackie away from him?

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Since we haven't had enough drama, Josh, Love Is Blind season 4's new villain, has decided to make a grand return. 

Now that Zack and Bliss are making a go for it and Irina has disappeared, it seemed like things were a little less rocky in this second batch of episodes, which premiered on Netflix on Friday, March 31. Sure, Micah and Paul weren't quite finding similarities and Jackie had some reservations about Marshall, but overall, the drama wasn't outrageous...for the moment. 

That's when Kwame and Chelsea threw a celebration in honor of her birthday and Josh, a season 4 Love Is Blind cast member who left solo, returned to shake things up. While in the pods, he and Marshall both set their sights on Jackie and ultimately had a few words. Now, Josh is intent on returning for a pod get-together to win Jackie back. Will it work? Here's what we know so far. 

Will Josh, 'Love Is Blind' pot-stirrer, steal Jackie from Marshall?

Things are already on rocky terrain for Marshall and Jackie. While in Mexico, Jackie cried over the fear of not being able to pursue a relationship while taking care of the family matters she was responsible for managing. Marshall assured her that he'd help with whatever she needed. 

Then, the two ventured back to Seattle for a taste of real life, and it seemed that Jackie wasn't necessarily pleased with Marshall's reserved personality. She had definitely started contemplating whether or not she had made the right decision, and the two had a bit of an altercation, so much so that they both showed up to Chelsea's get-together solo. While there, they were cordial with each other but not affectionate, and everyone could sense it. 

That's when an overly giddy—and perhaps slightly intoxicated—Josh decided to make his move. In an unexpected bromance moment, he told Marshall that it's okay that he and Jackie are pursuing a future and that it wouldn't come between their "friendship" (which doesn't actually exist). 

"I understand Jackie made her decision. We both have loved the same person. We went through some sh*t," said Josh. "I love you, bro, for real. For real, for real. Don't let this change us."

Several minutes later, Josh broke up a chit-chat between Jackie, Micah and Bliss to get a word with his love interest alone. He had insisted that things were copacetic between him and Marshall, but then Josh literally put the idea in Jackie's head that he was open to taking her back if she decided to split from Marshall.

"If I walked out of here without telling you how I felt, then what type of man would I be?" he told her. 

The cringey conversation continued: "If you're going to marry somebody, marry somebody. But if you don't feel like, heart-to-heart, you're going to marry somebody...pick me."

It was undeniable that Jackie looked torn. Is she going to take Josh up on his offer, or will she work things out with Marshall? We must give the season 4 cast credit—they're going where no other pod squads have gone before, that's for sure!

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