Micah, 'Love Is Blind' season 4 mean girl, issues a public apology, but fans aren't interested

Here's what Micah, 'Love is Blind's controversial dater, had to say about her bad behavior.

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All eyes are on Irina and Micah, Love Is Blind's resident bullies. 

The partners in crime have quickly made a name for themselves on Love Is Blind season 4 for their mean-spirited antics. Heck, with the two of them in the picture, we practically forgot about Brett and Tiffany's chemistry, Zack and Bliss' second chance, and so on. The show quickly became a reality TV version of Mean Girls!

Throughout the first batch of Love Is Blind episodes, we witness Micah Lussier and Irina Solomonova laugh at other daters' expense, Micah nastily reject Kwame and then proceed to flirt with him in front of his fiancée Chelsea when everyone eventually meets face to face. (Oh, and that's while she's engaged to Paul.) 

Micah, 'Love Is Blind' villainess, issues an apology 

According to one Twitter user, the internet is "cooking" the two right now, and it shows. In response to the negativity, Micah has spoken out. In an interview with BuzzFeed, she reflected on experiencing the journey side-by-side with Irina. 

"I think having her took a very serious experience and helped me take a laugh to it," she told the outlet. 

She later added, "Maybe people watching that might be like, 'Oh, you don't care, you're not taking things seriously.' It's actually quite the opposite, it's how I get through things — being funny."

We're not entirely sure how laughing at others' heartbreak is humorous, but perhaps we have different tastes in comedy.

Micah took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 to issue a public apology for her behavior on this season of Love Is Blind. The statement reads:

"A small note..

"I have apologized privately to the people that were hurt on the show by my hands. I would like to apologize publicly. An emotional immaturity was shown and I will grow from it. 

To the viewers I've hurt. I'm sorry I've triggered so many of you with my behavior. Seeing that person on the screen would make me feel the same anger.

"As to my comments being off: I will turn them on in time. I am doing my best to protect my mental health (deserved or not). It has always been something I've struggled with, and I know I can not better myself if I'm more unwell mentally. I hope you understand that I am taking accountability privately. 

I promise to do better in the future."

Will her apology be enough to change fans' minds, especially considering we have plenty more drama waiting for us this season? How did her co-stars respond? Time will tell, but we're fairly certain this is going to be one heck of a reunion!

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What fans are saying about Micah from 'Love is Blind':

Are Irina and Micah still friends?

Even though both women earned the mean-girl badge of dishonor, did they keep a friendship going, especially after Irina took an interest in Micah's finance? 

"I think she made a mistake. I think she owned up to her mistake and I think that's all you can really ask for," Micah told Entertainment Weekly. "I think we've both grown a lot together and hopefully we'll continue to grow a lot in the future."

So yes, to some extent it looks like Micah and Irina are still friends

Love Is Blind season 4 is streaming on Netflix, with new episodes dropping weekly on Fridays. Be sure to check out other shows like Love Is Blind for more romance and drama. 

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