Here's why Irina Solomonova's bad behavior has dominated 'Love Is Blind' season 4, according to a therapist

If you heard about 'Love Is Blind' season 4, you know all about Irina Solomonova. Now, she's just issued an apology

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Irina Solomonova only hit our screens two weeks ago, yet she's already caused an internet firestorm. 

The Love Is Blind season 4 cast member joined the Netflix experiment with the hopes of forming an authentic connection beyond appearances, a notion she dispelled upon connecting with Zack Goytowski. But her behavior within the dating quarters is what's really garnering viral attention. 

She and Micah Lussier have quickly been labeled the mean girls of the season on social media, and it all kind of takes away from the primary purpose of the show: romance. While temporarily living alongside the other women, the two laugh at another cast member's heartbreak (the same person competing for Paul Peden's attention as Micah). Then, Irina needles Bliss Poureetezadi, Zack's other connection, to get under her skin and drive a wedge between her rival and her connection.

Naturally, things don't unfold smoothly with Zack, either. Ultimately, it's clear she's not attracted to him, as she refuses to hug him or kiss him. Plus, she insists he looks like a cartoon character, probably not what he hoped to hear. On their honeymoon, she pretended he didn't even exist.  

"You got the worst part [of me]," Irina admitted to Zack. "I'm literally treating you so poorly. Like, I know it. I won't even look at you, touch you. You talk to me and I literally look away."

And the cherry on top of the bad behavior comes when Irina gets a little handsy with her new love interest, Paul...who just so happens to be engaged to her "best friend" Micah. It's utterly messy and heartbreaking, yet we can't look away...and we can't stop expressing our frustrations on Twitter.

What fans are saying about Irina Solomonova:

Why is Irina's bad behavior so addicting to watch?

As much as fans hate how she's behaving, Irina has a firm grasp on them, and you better believe everyone's tuning in to see what happens next. Something about her catty behavior has given us all middle school flashbacks to the cliques that made our lives a living hell. 

"TV shows with heavy amounts of drama often tap into universal human emotions and experiences [and] many of these shows are crafted with a deep understanding of human psychology," says positive psychology coach Elle Mace. "Viewers often become emotionally invested in the characters and their storylines, which can lead to a sense of empathy."

We've all been deeply triggered, whether we've had an Irina or been an Irina at some point in our lives. Despite the negativity that tags bullying, Mace insists that showcasing such behavior can have its positives.  

"While it may be uncomfortable or even distressing to witness, the portrayal of female bullying in media can raise awareness of the issue and prompt discussions about how to address it," she says. 

Perhaps this is one way to keep us mindful of our own behaviors and hold ourselves accountable.

Elle Mace headshot
Meet the expert: Elle Mace

Elle is a therapist tackling relationships, eating behaviors and mindset. She has her own podcast on self-development and mental health, called More to Life.

What's going on between Irina and Zack now?

According to an interview with  TODAY on March 24, Zack has alleged that Irina reached out to him, but he disregarded her texts. Two weeks later, as the season continues to unfold, he revealed in an interview with The Tab that he's forgiven her. 

Despite her bad behavior and all signs pointing to the lack of physical attraction, Irina insisted in the same TODAY interview that she just knew something was off between the two. 

"I will always trust my gut. And my gut just—he didn't do anything to make me not feel safe, but there was something in me that just felt like, 'This isn't right," she told the outlet.

Irina Solomonova apology

Shortly after Micah took to Instagram to issue an apology, Irina followed suit, and it did not go well, as evidenced by the comments section. 

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them. You showed us plenty in LIB: lots of bullying, mean girl behavior, and straight up cruelty," one Instagram user commented. 

Another added, "What? Sorry..I only heard “I’m posting this so I don’t get fully cancelled and this is all about me."

Who is Irina Solomonova from 'Love is Blind'?

Solomonova is one of four children in her family and owns a small business, Solo Collective, which focuses on event planning. The 26-year-old is based in Seattle, Washington, and it's not clear whether or not she has moved on since her stint on Love Is Blind

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