Are Paul and Zack from 'Love Is Blind' the same person? The internet seems to think so

Can't tell the difference between Paul Peden and Zack Goytowski on 'Love Is Blind'? The internet can't either—check out what everyone's saying.

Paul Peden and Zack Goytowski Love Is Blind season 4 headshots
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Paul Peden and Zack Goytowski are two peas in a Love Is Blind pod. 

Now that we've been introduced to the Love Is Blind season 4 cast, fans are convinced that these fellas are one and the same. Though we are only five episodes in, we must admit, the similarities are pretty striking. 

First thing first: when pairing up, the two opted for the show's notorious mean girls. Zack and Irina crashed and burned immediately, while Paul and Micah appear to be working out a few kinks. Both men left far more suitable options behind (Paul broke up with Amber, and Zack called it off with Bliss), and it appears they're both questioning their decisions. (#TeamBliss is a thing, folks.) 

Now, let's get down to looks. Yes, we know the whole premise of the series is to find love blindly, but we can't help but notice Paul and Zack's similar features: dark brown hair, face scruff, etc. Plus, it's pretty ironic that Zack looks like a Property Brother straight out of HGTV, right?!

Lastly, their personalities lean towards the "nerdy" side—according to both Micah and Irina. But let's face it, whether or not these fellas will join the list of the Love Is Blind couples still together, they'll at least have their bromance!

Are Paul Peden and Zack Goytowski from 'Love Is Blind' the same person?

If you ask the internet, it's been a little challenging telling these two apart, from their appearance right down to their romantic choices.

Who is Paul Peden, 'Love Is Blind's' environmental scientist? 

Typically, Paul Peden typically at the facts first...but not while on Love Is Blind

The 29-year-old environmental scientist originally hails from New Orleans and shares his adventures on Instagram @paulpeden. He has a love of nature (of course) and he's good in the kitchen. We're particularly invested in his food handle on Instagram, @paulpremium, where you can catch him whipping up Italian and Chinese cuisine. 

Will we be cheersing to Paul and Micah's future come to the end of the season? You'll have to wait and see!

Love Is Blind season 4 premiered on Netflix on Friday, March 24. Here's the schedule for all of the upcoming Love Is Blind season 4 episodes, and be sure to check out other shows like Love Is Blind, too. 

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