Your July horoscope is here—and it spells a *very* transformative month ahead

Welcome to the second half of the year!

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We are now entering the second half of the year and in July, we will experience many different energetic shifts! If you have any projects to launch or bold actions to perform, do so at the beginning of the month, as the astrology will progressively intensify towards the end. The first three days of the month are fortunate, and many of us could receive positive career news around the lucky July 3 full moon in Capricorn. 

While a lot of us will be taking vacations and enjoying summer, we must stay aware of our deadlines and duties being met between July 10 and July 27. Mars will be clashing with Saturn, when authority figures will be watching our actions, so we must stay on top of our game. Since the asteroid of wisdom and strategy, Pallas Athene, will be involved, we have a winning combination to strategize and get stuff done!

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Narayana Montúfar is an astrologer and an expert in the astrological studies of the Moon and the author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. She has been My Imperfect Life's resident astrologer for over a year, providing you with cosmic intel straight from the stars in our monthly and weekly horoscopes

July 17 is a big day, which is when the Lunar Nodes of Destiny change signs. Over the next eighteen months, we will all be asked to embody the highest vibration of the fire sign Aries. At both a collective and a personal level, we will be inspired to be bold, assertive, and highly independent. And those of us who embody those traits will have the cosmic winds at our backs! 

Then on July 22, a transit that astrologers have been talking about for months arrives. Venus—the planet of pleasure, beauty, love, money, and social interactions—goes retrograde in the fire sign Leo! This is a retrograde that will highly transform relationships as well as our passions. Over the next six weeks, we will realize that what we used to desire is no longer applicable. For this reason, this is not a good time to get married, take a relationship to the next level, launch projects, buy big-ticket items, or get a haircut or makeover.  

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July 2023 monthly horoscope: what's in store for you this month?

Aries July 2023 horoscope

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Your luck is activated at the beginning of the month, Aries, when you could receive good news about a raise at the July 3 full moon. From July 10 to July 27, you will become incredibly focused on a project as Mars enters Virgo, when your commitment will be incredibly necessary. Fortunately, you will have the wind at your back, starting July 17. Over the next eighteen months, the Lunar North Node will ask you to chase your dreams and be a true leader for others. Lastly, Venus goes retrograde in your romance sector, meaning that an ex could reappear this summer. However, don’t be so fast to jump back in and instead, consider closure.

Taurus July 2023 horoscope

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Positive news about your career or the opportunity to travel could arrive at the lucky July 3 full moon, Taurus. Enjoy this, because starting July 17, the Lunar North Node will begin asking you to do deep spiritual work, over the next eighteen months. Beginning a meditation practice now will be healing and truly soul-evolving for you. The introspective vibes deepen even more starting July 22, when your planet, Venus, goes retrograde. From now until September 3, you will feel a deep need to reinvent yourself. Utilize these six weeks to truly go within and figure out what changes will bring your creative spark back!

Gemini July 2023 horoscope

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Over the month ahead, you will be doing some deep work in two areas of life—communication and home and family. Mars entering your home sector on July 10 will request you focus on fixing and organizing your environment, which might require hard work on your end. Then as Venus retrogrades in your speech sector for six weeks (July 22-September 3), it will request you transform the way you communicate, which might require you to become less distracted and more focused. By learning to truly listen, you will open the door to all kinds of fruitful business and community-oriented collaborations over the next eighteen months.

Cancer July 2023 horoscope

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July 1 is a lucky day for you, Cancer, so if you have any projects to launch or big moves to make, do it today! On July 17, the Lunar North Node will begin pushing you toward success in the realm of career and public visibility—so it’s time to get out there and be seen! For the next eighteen months, you will feel supported by the universe when you assert yourself and focus on building something meaningful. If you have any big expenses or money moves to make, act before July 22. Today, Venus goes retrograde in your financial sector, meaning that the need to reformulate your budget will be necessary this summer.

Leo July 2023 horoscope

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July will be a truly introspective month for you, Leo, which you will be especially feeling during the first ten and the last eight days of the month. If you have a project to deliver, try to finish it by July 9, while communication master Mercury is still in your sign. On July 17, Venues goes retrograde in your sign, bringing six weeks of deep introspection, transformation, and change. You might, at times, feel like your creativity and glow have abandoned you, with no sign of return. Instead of seeking an automatic response, journal, wonder, ask, seek, and try new things. Opening your mind now will ensure your mojo comes back!

Virgo July 2023 horoscope

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July will be a testing month, Virgo, but one that can be useful if you use it right! Both Mars and asteroid Pallas will be in your sign, bringing the need to focus and be productive, especially between July 10 and July 27. Things will most likely get intense between you and a romantic or business partner—but the more you focus on finding solutions rather than pointing fingers, the smoother things will move forward. Then starting July 22, Venus goes retrograde in your subconscious sector. The pull to retreat will be immense, and you should grant yourself that space. Practices like meditation will be your best ally over the next six weeks.

Libra July 2023 horoscope

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If you’re in a committed partnership, Libra, good news could arrive for you two at the July 3 full moon. If, alternatively, this news is career-related for you, celebrate before July 10, which is when Mars enters your subconscious mind sector. Starting now, you will feel less social, a trend that will continue until the beginning of September. Then on July 22, expect some drama in your friendship group as your planet, Venus, goes retrograde. Unfortunately, you might notice that some peeps are not who you think they were, as they show their true colors. Keep in mind that if a connection comes to an end this summer, it was "meant to be." 

Scorpio July 2023 horoscope

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Congratulations, Scorpio! For the past eighteen months, the Lunar South Node of Destiny has been clearing your life from anything or anyone who is no longer meant to be in your path. But on July 17, this process is finally over! You have changed in enormous ways, so it only makes sense that your desires have done the same. Harness the energy of July and even August to truly question and wonder what’s next for you in the realm of career. By the beginning of September, you will be fully aware of your new goals and desires—and watch out world!

Sagittarius July 2023 horoscope

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A sweet gift from the sky could be delivered to you by the July 3 full moon, Sagittarius! It could arrive in the form of a raise or a big project given to you for a past job well done. Enjoy it—because starting July 10, Mars is sure to bring you two months of hard work, as it enters your career sector. All this effort will make July feel like “too much work and no play,” especially as Venus enters retrograde, starting July 22. Unfortunately, you might have to cancel some of your summer plans, however, by the time the fall arrives, you will know why this was actually a necessary move.

Capricorn July 2023 horoscope

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You begin the month with blessings, Capricorn, as the July 3 full moon drops you a gift in the form of a partnership, raise, or even a new home or pregnancy in the case you’ve been trying to manifest that! Enjoy these good vibes because for you, Venus retrograde is bound to bring transformation at a deep level. Some of your closest relationships might get tested, asking you to get real with yourself about how the actions of others affect you. However, know that this is a time of evaluation, and not so much action or change. Lastly, since this retrograde has money-related effects on you, make sure to avoid heavy spending at month’s end.

Aquarius July 2023 horoscope

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What do you see yourself doing for the next twenty years of your life, Aquarius?! Try answering this big question around July 17, when the Lunar North Node enters your communication sector. The next eighteen months are a fabulous time to go back to school, enroll in training, launch that podcast, or write your masterpiece! On another note, Venus goes retrograde in your relationship sector, from July 22 to September 3. The conflict you experience during this time will serve as a filter for your friendships. If you have a serious partner, expect re-adjustments. And if single and looking, it’s a wonderful time to come to terms with the kind of relationship you truly desire.

Pisces July 2023 horoscope

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For you, Pisces, the pace of life will be slow this month with two planets, Saturn and Neptune, retrograde in your sign. On July 22, Venus joins them, bringing a time in which you will be asked to look at the state of your wellness. To better harness the retrograde, reconsider your unhealthy habits during the last week of the month—this will set you up for success all summer and even in the fall. If you have a business partner or serious romantic partner, this might be the perfect time to chat about finances. As the Lunar North Node enters your money sector around midmonth, you can create long-term financial stability, as long as your boundaries are strongly delineated.

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