2023's 'magical' Jupiter and Venus conjunction is a great time to embrace love, friendship and fortune

People can expect a 'heightened degree of euphoria' during the Jupiter and Venus conjunction

Jupiter and Venus conjunction. Pictured: Planets representing Jupiter and Venus on an orange background
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One of the most notable March astrology events, the Jupiter and Venus conjunction might be fleeting, but the pros recommend you don't ignore it. 

Not only does this transit pass along prosperity to the luckiest star sign of March, but it shares the wealth with all of the zodiac signs, albeit differently.  

"Venus is the planet of luxury, love and adoration, while Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, success and fortune," says astrologer Michelle Bell, founder of Cosmic Fusion. "So this will be a time of heightened romance and love. Relationships and friendships will take center stage."

No one will argue with that, right?

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Meet the expert: Michelle Bell

Michelle is an astrologer and the founder of Cosmic Fusion. It is the unique synchronization of the Western and Chinese Zodiac. The app, which is available on Apple and Android combines a person's Western Zodiac sign, Chinese element and Chinese animal to "create an incredibly unique character profile description of your personality."

And, according to Nebula'sastrologer, Patrick Price, it's a wonderful time to find a sense of clarity and set the stage for what's next.

"Most will find it easy to be their 'best selves' throughout the conjunction," he says. "Our capacity will be stretched further than it normally is, and not only will we have lots of opportunities to succeed in the short term, but we will also be able to cast an eye down the road and set into motion longer-term goals that we may have been putting off."

Yes, this is one of those astrology gifts straight from the universe that we will wholeheartedly embrace. 

astrologer patrick price
Meet the expert: Patrick Price

Patrick is Nebula: Horoscope and Astrology App’s expert specializing in tarot, angel readings and Western astrology. Patrick is a queer man who comes from a gypsy family. Tarot is deeply rooted in his family’s culture. He’s been doing tarot for the past eight years and astrological readings for the last three years. Patrick specializes in coaching through starts and finding purpose in life. You can always connect with him in Nebula.

Jupiter and Venus conjunction: everything to know

As far as conjunction go—when two astronomical objects appear close to one another from the sky, as seen from Earth—this is definitely one of the more favorable events. 

"People will also sense a heightened degree of euphoria, calmness and friendliness," says celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas. "There will be a greater degree of appreciation for beauty and relationships. By connecting with others, you can expose yourself to greater opportunities for growth and happiness."

Kyle Thomas
Meet the expert: Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer who has been featured on Access Hollywood, E! Entertainment, NBC and ABC television, CosmopolitanEntertainment WeeklyThe New York Post, Page Six, Hulu, Seventeen, Bustle, Elite Daily, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire and more. 

He is known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers. His work harnesses the power of the stars in regard to entertainment lifestyle and trends affecting people worldwide.

When is the Jupiter and Venus conjunction?

Per Thomas, "the exact time of this transit will take place on March 2 at 12:36am ET at 12 degrees of Aries." (Which explains why the sign is so fortunate this month!)

The energy is palpable from February 28 and into March 1, when it peaks, and it ultimately begins to fade around March 3.

How will the Jupiter and Venus conjunction affect each sign?

Each astrological birth chart is in for something different, according to Bell. 

"The Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) might be leaning more towards relationships and love," she says. Venus’ energy can inspire a resurgence in an existing relationship, or spark a new attraction between strangers. 

She continues: "Conversely, the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) might be thinking more about their career and success in that arena."

How to embrace the Jupiter and Venus conjunction

"This is a golden period to turn rich and strengthen relationships," says Dalila Salgueiro. "This conjunction comes to give security to some signs to find their freedom of expression. This can benefit them to get or aspire to have higher positions in their jobs."

Although it's a great time to embrace love and relationships, do be aware that you're thinking more with your heart than your head, Bell says. Be sure to remove the rose-colored glasses if needed.

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Meet the expert: Dalila Salgueiro

Dalila is an astro-manifesting coach and the founder of @themanifestingapp as well as Comms Ça PR agency based in London and New York. 

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