March astrology events to look forward to in 2022

A new moon, spring equinox 2022 and more! Here are the March astrology events to put on your cosmic calendar

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Ready to stop and smell the roses? March astrology events not only usher in a new season, but a new mindset. 

This month, we will part ways with Pisces season, enter Aries season and gear up for the positivity we've long been waiting for. Spring has sprung in every sense of the word.

March gets the wheels turning and will prepare us for some of the biggest astrology events in 2022. (Hello, Stellium in Pisces!) Ready to see what the stars have in store?

March astrology events to note:

1. Pisces season

  • When: February 18 to March 20, 2022

Ah, Pisces season. As you might recall, the beloved water sign is in for good fortune in 2022, as it is the luckiest sign of the new year! A very Happy Birthday, indeed.

But don't worry: Pisces season will still be enjoyable, even if your birthday doesn't align with this member of the zodiac. 

"The best thing about [it] is a very overwhelming feeling of compassion," says astrologer Liz Simmons (opens in new tab). "It'll be a great time to get in touch with your imagination as well."

2. The new moon

  • When: March 2, 2022

When is the next new moon? Arguably one of the best celestial phases of 2022 is right around the corner.

Opportunities abound, and you'll start thinking about what you want in the long term during the March new moon. The possibilities are endless, and now is the time to map it all out thanks to the energy. 

"It looks really, really beautiful because it is going to be sitting right next to Jupiter," says astrologer Narayana Montúfar (opens in new tab), author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power (opens in new tab). "It looks like one of the best new moons of the year."

She adds: "There will be all kinds of good things happening because people will feel more optimistic and have more faith."

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3. The full moon

  • When: March 18, 2022

If you've been wondering "When is the next full moon?" no need to worry. We have all the cosmic intel!

Arriving a mere two days before Spring equinox 2022, this full moon is a good time to prepare for the new season ahead, and all of those new goals you want to see bloom in 2022. That means you'll have to part ways with the areas of your life that are holding you back. 

"A powerful full moon in Virgo on March 18 will help us cleanse any unnecessary baggage from our lives ahead of the new season," says astrologer Nina Kahn (opens in new tab). "Use this lunar energy to release anything that's no longer serving you and make room for exciting new endeavors that the spring is sure to bring."

4. The spring equinox

  • When: March 20, 2022

Like the flowers in your garden, expect to come to life with the arrival of the spring equinox

"It'll put air under the wings of our personal goals," Kahn says. 

This astro event will help us prepare for all that's ahead in the new season: reconnecting with friends, trying new projects and adjusting our expectations for ourselves. It's only getting brighter from here on out—quite literally. 

"The spring equinox specifically marks a tipping point toward brighter days," Kahn says. "After the spring equinox, we'll have more daylight hours than night, which can help to boost our mood and uplift our energy levels."

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5. No retrogrades

What planet is in retrograde? Would you believe that the solar system's biggest players are all moving in a forward motion...UNTIL THE END OF APRIL?!

Use the lack of backward spins to your advantage. Enjoy a little less turmoil and stress thanks to this welcomed experience.

6. Aries season

  • When: March 21 to April 20, 2022

When you bid adieu to the dreamy Pisces season, you'll then gear up for Aries season, a fire sign that's passionate and energetic. As the days begin to get longer, this is just the type of energy we'll need.


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Happy March, friends! Enjoy all the cosmos have to offer.

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