The lucky Jupiter is going direct in Pisces, and it'll be the perfect time to tackle your dreams

'We'll focus on 'the importance of inner connection, self-care, pleasure and the power of a positive mindset'

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This fall has been rough cosmically, but Jupiter direct, 2022's prosperous and delightful transit, is changing the narrative. 

After a hectic eclipse season that ended with the turbulent November 2022 full moon, we are more than ready for the planet of luck, growth and expansion to do its thing. Can we get a "Hear, hear!"

On November 23, the four-month-long Jupiter retrograde will come to an end. Though the "r" word seems synonymous with "chaos," Jupiter is a fairly easy planet to work with. Its retrograde allows us to hone in on our goals, and once the planet begins its linear motion once more, we can expect to dive right into our passions, especially since it'll be direct in a water sign.

"Jupiter direct in Pisces teaches you the importance of inner connection, self-care, pleasure and the power of a positive mindset," says Ivana Naskova, an astrologer for Nebula (opens in new tab). "Under this influence, you get inspired and driven to work on your creative pursuits."

Yes, Mars retrograde might be making us feel a little sluggish, but Jupiter's influence will cause us to expand our horizons through travel, exploration and a deep dive into spiritual value and worth. Consider this November astrology event a gift from the universe. 

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Meet the expert: Ivana Naskova

Ivana Naskova is a Western Astrologer with seven years of experience who works with Nebula: Horoscope&Astrology App (opens in new tab). She’s most passionate about helping people to figure out love and career matters and find their inner peace using astrology.

Jupiter direct 2022—what you need to know

Once Jupiter goes direct on the 23rd, it will remain that way for four months. Throughout this time, you'll want to soak up everything it brings to the celestial table. 

"Once Jupiter is direct, you are ready to take action and use the windfall of good luck to push the boundaries and overcome obstacles on the path," Naskova adds. 

Jupiter direct in Pisces: important dates

According to Naskova, you'll want to mark your calendar for a variety of important transits. When Jupiter is in opposition to the sun on December 22, we'll be feeling incredibly optimistic, but don't let those good vibes overwhelm you. You don't want to have too much on your plate. 

There are a few other dates that aren't necessarily daunting, but you'll want to be aware of. Jupiter's square with Mercury on December 6 might make communication a little tense, so don't overthink. Then, three days later, Jupiter will form a square with Venus and the moon, which might cause heightened emotional states. 

Sure there are going to be a few hiccups along the way, but overall, Jupiter's travels are something to celebrate.

Jupiter direct and the zodiac signs

So what's going on with the astrology signs? How will Jupiter affect everyone. Naskova was kind enough to do some research for us. 


Expect work or personal travel-related opportunities to come your way, Aries. Use this as a reason to get in tune with yourself. 


Your social circle is growing, Taurus, and it's an excellent time to learn something valuable from others.


Now might be the time to spruce up that LinkedIn profile, dear Gemini. 

"Jupiter in your house of career is ready to give you the push you need to reach your goals," Naskova says. 


Things will start falling into place for you Cancer, regardless of what area of your life you are focusing on. 


Things might've been a little hectic for you over the past few weeks, Leo, but Jupiter is swooping in to help you out. 

"Jupiter direct is giving you support from many sources, helping you overcome the obstacles on your path," Naskova says.


Jupiter is moving direct in your 7th house, which means it's all about love and relationships right now, Virgo.


Stay patient, Libra. Things will all fall into place the way you had wanted—it just might take a little bit of time. 


Use the positivity your way to manifest what you desire, Scorpio. Perhaps it's a good time to do some work abroad, too? 


Enjoy your time with family, Sagittarius. Perhaps even your family circle will expand. 


Your third house of mental activity will be activated, so take a class or pick up a new skill!


Your financial sector will be activated, Aquarius, so invest wisely. 


Now is the time to "continue your personal progress, growth and spiritual transformation." Make the most of it!

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