The November 2022 full moon will be very strong thanks to the total lunar eclipse—especially for these signs

'You might be surprised to see where this Taurus-themed journey has led to and how it may end'

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Like it or not, the November 2022 full moon is about to get its shine on, and the celestial beams will emit a powerful energy. 

Given that this lunation coincides with the next eclipse (which also happens to be the end of eclipse season 2022), we can expected fated events to take place, according to the pros. 

"It's a beginning or ending point," says astrologer Noush. "This eclipse will potentially open up doors, and that could look like the closing of a door, but being OK with things ending and changing it’s a big, big tip for this eclipse."

Change is never an easy topic, but we know you're capable of handling anything the universe sends your way—we're certain of it.

While you're pursuing your weekly horoscope, take a step back and learn how to make the best out of the next full moon. Sure, it might feel intense, but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll be catastrophic. Allow this celestial intel to help you make the best of it!

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Meet the expert: Noush

An astrologer, creative and crystal enthusiast, Noush believes in the combination of energy healing and practical spirituality to bring meaning into our lives. You can have a look at Noush's expansive crystals collection @jooncrystals and book a reading with her on her website.

November 2022 full moon date

  • When: November 8, 2022

Make sure to mark your calendars! 

If you're looking to also enjoy the spectacle from an astronomical standpoint, our friends at say that the full moon will take place at 6:02 am EDT (11:02 GMT) on the 8th, though it will appear full in the sky the night before and after its peak.

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Full moon November 2022 meaning

According to astrologer Liz Simmons, we'll be experiencing Taurus themes of security, loyalty, relationships and so forth during this lunar phase. Although we're nearing the end of the year and preparing for anew in 2023, we might have to do some reflecting during this transit.

"Considering that this is a full moon, you should reflect on the last six months and what has transpired during this time," Simmons recommends. "You might be surprised to see where this Taurus-themed journey has led to and how it may end!"

Likewise, Noush says, "Just be open to change because it’s inevitable during the eclipse—and in life. There’s an element of surprise that’s coupled into a bang, and it comes at you from a direction you weren’t expecting."

headshot of astrologer liz simmons
Meet the expert: Liz Simmons

Liz Simmons is a freelance writer, astrologer, and tarot reader based in Salem, MA. She views astrology and tarot as another tool in our arsenal to understand the cosmic interplay in our lives. Currently, Liz contributes astrological articles and horoscopes to StyleCaster, POPSUGAR and She is also the resident astrologer at ASCEND Get Lifted. Check out Liz’s Instagram @the__crone and her website,

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For those with a boss-like mentality, it can be difficult to hand over the honors to the universe, but sometimes a little guidance doesn't hurt. (We know, we know...)

"It can be kind of exciting, but those who are holding on tightly to their current circumstances, it can be a challenge," Noush says. "Try not to hold onto people, jobs, situations you’ve intuitively outlived."

November full moon 2022: astrology signs most affected

Yes, all of us are prepared to stay grounded, but it might prove more difficult for some members of the zodiac than others. (Don't worry, there's no judgement here.) So, who will feel this lunation the most?

"Fixed signs—Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio—might feel the most uneasy," Simmons says. "However, everyone can check their House that is in Taurus to anticipate how this lunation may impact their lives."

If you haven't examined your astrological birth chart, now might be the time for a quick lil' review ahead of the la bella luna's big show.

November 2022 full moon and the zodiac signs

Yes, we know that the fixed signs might not like this November astrology event as much as their counterparts, but how will each member of the zodiac fare during this time? No need to wonder—Nebula's astrologer, Patrick Price, breaks it down for us.

astrologer patrick price
Meet the expert: Patrick Price

Patrick is Nebula: Horoscope and Astrology App’s expert specializing in tarot, angel readings and Western astrology. Patrick is a queer man who comes from a gypsy family. Tarot is deeply rooted in his family’s culture. He’s been doing tarot for the past eight years and astrological readings for the last three years. Patrick specializes in coaching through starts and finding purpose in life. You can always connect with him in Nebula.


Make like Elsa and let it go, Aries. 

"You may have found you are sitting at a table at which you are no longer being served," Price says. "Whilst you may be aware of this, you are also still clinging to the possibilities of this changing, and thus, you are becoming stagnant and stuck in your life. The coming full moon is the perfect opportunity to let go of the things or people in your life which have stopped serving a purpose."


Change isn't easy, we admit, but perhaps now is the time to be a little more open-minded.

"This is your message to stop resisting and become more open to situations in your life moving and evolving," Price says. "To make the most of the full moon’s energy, you must move into a willing place to adapt. Change is never easy, and we may feel uncomfortable while going through it, and so often, our knee-jerk response is to resist it."

Rather than put your arms up and feel defeated, embrace your new path. 

"You can only make the most of change when you work with it, not against it," Price adds.


A little kindness goes a long way, Gemini. 

"The key is to react to things that people say or do with kindness. This may feel difficult at the moment, but it ensures that you work from a place of open-heartedness and understanding," Price suggests. "Challenge yourself to respond with kindness to others and yourself, and watch how a bad situation can quickly become favorable!"

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Time to look within, Cancer and asses what's working for you and what's not. 

"Like the Crab, which rules your zodiac, every now and then, you must take a well-deserved break from your shell," Price insists. "This is not you isolating yourself, but in actual fact taking the time to be introspective. These are just some of the questions you must take the time yourself to figure out to make sure that the path you take after the full moon will benefit you greatly."


Things might feel a little chaotic for you, Leo, but let's face it—you're used to that. When things start to get overwhelming, look at the positives and proceed with an upbeat attitude instead of being cynical and pessimistic. 

"Find a different perspective to understand that the things which have fallen apart now leave a brand new space in your life," Price suggests. "This new space is a place where you can build new, better, and stronger things in its place."

And reminder, there's no room for Negative Nancy mentality right now. "You must not allow your emotions to keep flowing into negative feelings for too long because where attention goes, energy flows," Price warns. 


"The full moon is providing you with an energy of clarity, and this is an energy you can use to really move on from this negative place you have been drifting in," Price says of Virgos. 

He continues, "Make a real effort to look and listen to what is happening around you to become aware of the energy you choose to put into people, things and situations. Doing this will help you realize that the answers you seek have been in front of you all along!"


Libra, it's time to move forward and not get caught up with things that have already happened. Keep on keeping on!

"If you are too wrapped up in focusing on what you have lost, then you are going to miss the opportunity to create something new and exciting," Price warns. "The universe is perfectly balanced at all times, and the destruction of one situation only means the birth of another."

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"This full moon is going to be a special one for you, Scorpio. This is because it will ground you more than any other moon phase this year," Price says.

Now is the time to trust your gut—it won't steer you in the wrong direction. 


While some of us might not be terribly thrilled with the November full moon, a Sag should welcome it. 

"Get excited about the full moon because it provides you with the opportunity of taking the first step on a new path," Price says. "The wonderful thing about taking the first step on any journey is that you get to choose its exact direction."

He continues, "Starting a new journey is always exciting, but be careful not to be reckless when doing so. This may feel opposed to using your spontaneity, but you can be spontaneous and still calculated, even though you are listening to your inner emotions."


Capricorns might be asked to make a difficult decision during this time, particularly with regards to connections, but don't be afraid to part ways with relationships that are no longer in your best interest.

"To let go of someone is not a cowardly or selfish act, it's quite the opposite," Price notes. "It requires the strength to know that you deserve better, and this is what your energy must go into right now."

Again, if you're feeling a bit bad about parting ways with someone, realize that not all relationships are meant to be forever. 


Aquarius and Capricorn seem to be on the same page this full moon, according to Price, as negative relationships will be at the forefront. 

"The full moon is always a time to let go of things that are holding us back, and right now, it is very important to get real with yourself," he warns.

He continues, "Hold the mirror up, and do not be scared to take a good, long look at yourself in it. These attachments will only stop you from achieving the things your heart so desperately craves, so it is time to take the first step toward letting go."


We know you're always worried about everyone else, Pisces, but it's time to think about yourself. (No, it doesn't make you selfish, you are allowed to do so—we promise!) 

"Take the time right now to care for yourself, and the best way you can do this is by becoming the center of your own universe," Price insists. "Remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup, and if you do not treat yourself as a priority in your own life, then the cup will never be full."

Yes, the Beaver Moon might seem a little daunting, but you have all the cosmic tools to make the most out of what's to come. And, on the bright side—see what we did there?—the next new moon at the end of the month is going to be quite a lovely transit!

"If you are not purging unhealthy habits [during the full moon], this eclipse will do it for you because the followup moon energy is so exciting," Noush says. "It’s so positive, curious, adventurous, abundant and you need to make sense of it."

Positive? Adventurous? Now that's the type of astrology gifts we're looking for.

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