Who is Love Island's Will Young? Everyone's fave TikTok farmer has landed in the villa

Here's everything we know about Love Island's Will Young, the villa's resident farmer, looking for an animal-loving gal!

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The first 11 singletons of the Love Island 2023 cast have officially arrived at the villa—and if you're already an avid TikTok scroller, you might already recognize a certain farmer, hoping to find love this winter. Here's the lowdown on TikTok star and new islander, Will Young!

So far, the country lad has had a slightly rocky start to his Love Island Journey, having coupled up with actress, Olivia Hawkins—who already thinks they're headed for friendship over romance. That being said though, the general consensus is that he's already the funny one in the villa, which is always a great role to play. Plus, he's still got plenty of time to forge a connection and find the outdoors-loving girl of his dreams.

In the meantime, while we watch him soak in the South African sun (where Love Island is filmed) and trade his herd for a winter of texts, mad moves and memes—here's what we already know about him...

Who is Love Island's Will Young?

Will is a 23-year-old farmer from Buckinghamshire, who has entered the villa to hopefully find love. He revealed in the first episode of Love Island that he's never had a girlfriend before but feels ready to settle down.

He also told ITV before heading to the villa, that the farm life has caused some troubles in his love life, saying: "Having grown up on a farm, it’s been quite difficult juggling relationships and work."

He added that hopefully going on the reality show, "will give me time away from the farm to solely go out and find love. I think I’m at the time of my life where I’m mature enough to go and find a wife." Time will tell, as he's got a long road of grafting ahead (one of the many Love Island quotes and phrases you need to know.)

It's also key that his potential love interest owns a pair of wellies because—from the looks of his TikToks—a normal farm day for Will sure can get muddy!


♬ Whenever, Wherever - Shakira

Speaking of TikTok, despite his jump into the world of reality TV, this islander isn't new to the social media fame game, in fact, he's already amassed a mega-following on TikTok, thanks to his hilarious and sometimes adorable farm content!

Will Young's TikTok

Yes, fans may indeed already know this islander as 'Farmer Will' from TikTok! With over 1.1 million followers, Will is known for his hilarious farm-related content—like this gem for instance...


♬ som original - 𝒇𝒂𝒃𝒊𝒐 𝒂𝒌𝒊𝒐⚡

He entertains followers with his witty but also informative videos, often incorporating the latest trends and trending sounds into his farm work. So, it's safe to say, he'll be bringing the laughs to the villa and we can't wait! 


♬ original sound - Kourtney Kardashian Barker

Sadly though, fans won't get any new TikTok from the popular farmer, as due to the new Love Island social media rules, all of the contestant's socials will be paused during their time on the show—but he's already got plenty of content on TikTok to keep you entertained! And all the more reason to tune into Love Island every weekday eve, to see your favorite TikToker in action.

How did fans react to Farmer Will on Love Island?

While there is always a lot of buzz around the newly announced cast, Farmer Will got quite the reaction from fans, who already know and love his TikTok.

One Love Island fan commented on his announcement post: "My fave farmer from Tiktok 🙌🙌🙌," as second fan wrote: "NO I KNEW I RECOGNISED HIM NOT FARMER WILL HAHAHAHAHAHA

Before another joked: "who's gunna look after the animals?" 

A fourth fan also quipped: "so excited for the memes this season!!😍—If Will's TikToks are anything to go by, the Love Island 2023 memes will indeed be gold!

We're rooting for you, Will!

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