The winter 'Love Island' 2023 cast: the 411 on all the new contestants who have entered the villa so far

The winter 'Love Island' 2023 cast already has a ton of new contestants looking to turn heads!

The winter Love Island 2023 cast: The New Love Island contestants David, Zara and Tom posing infront of a cloud backdrop for Love Island 2023/ in a blue and purple template
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With Love Island 2023 officially in its first week, we've already had a ton of new contestants join the winter Love Island 2023 cast—and in case you missed any of their dramatic entrances, here's the DL on season 9's lineup so far.

As fans of the hit reality show will know, the series typically kicks off with around 10 islanders, with a bombshell then entering after the first couple selection. Throughout the show's eight-week run (though the length of season 9 is yet to be confirmed), more bombshells then enter, as islanders are dumped from the villa—with Casa Amor seeing a whole host of new singles brought it to spice things up about halfway through the season (which certainly did the trick for Love Island 2022).

So far, we've seen a lot of new faces enter the villa, from the OG cast to the bombshells—and not to mention new host Maya Jama, whose Love Island outfits have so far been out of this world.

So without further ado, let's meet all the new Love Island contestants who are unpacking their personalized suitcases as we speak! 

The winter Love Island 2023 cast—what do we know?

While we still miss the likes of Ekin-Su and Davide from Love Island 2022's lineup, both of who are living the high-life thanks to their win, we can't wait to get better acquainted with our new gaggle of Love Island contestants and bombshells taking on the ultimate dating extravaganza...

Tanya Manhenga

Name: Tanya Manhenga| Age: 22| Job: Model 

The rumors proved true! Tanya was one of the first potential islanders on our radar thanks to the Sun, who reported that the Boohoo model was already an 'Islander in waiting.'

A source told the publication: "Tanya really is the whole package, she's as smart as she is stunning and she looks set to be one of this series' most popular Islanders."

Now ITV has confirmed that the 22-year-old biomedical student and model (who has already worked for major brands including Ego and Boohoo) will indeed be doing the slow-mo walk into the villa next Monday!

The Liverpool local told ITV that she really is looking for a relationship, saying: "I’m looking for a boyfriend and I think being in a Villa with lots of different people will help me work out who it is I may want."

Though the fellas who prefer to for barefoot better watch out, before 'guys that don't wear socks' is one of her biggest icks... as well as those who have baths without bubbles!

Tanya also shared that she has Vitiligo, she said: "It's on my lip and I have a stripe on my hair. Not many people know that but I think it’s quite cute. I don’t care about covering it up all the time, I think it’s a vibe."

Currently, the model already boasts 12k followers on Instagram, which is only set to skyrocket once she enters the villa—though due to Love Island's new social media rules, fans won't receive updates from her accounts if she does in fact appear on the show.

As part of the new duty of care guidelines, all islanders will have to pause their social media accounts—instead of having family, friends, or PR teams run them like in previous years.

Kai Fagan

Name: Kai Fagan| Age: 24| Job: Science and PE teacher

Our first male islander has been confirmed to be 24-year-old Kai Fagan! The Manchester local hopes to teach his fellow cast members a thing or two as he's a science and PE teacher. 

The potential heartbreaker told ITV that currently, he's single by choice because he's on the hunt for the 'right girl.' He said, "I feel like I have quite high expectations. I don’t feel I should commit to someone unless I’m absolutely buzzing over them, because it’s not fair on them."

As for Kai's personality, he said that his nearest and dearest would describe him as 'chilled, caring' and 'very impulsive'—let's hope 'impulsive' doesn't translate into mad moves (a Love Island phrase you'd better get clued in on!).

The new islander also revealed that plays semi-professional rugby after playing for the rugby 7s for Jamaica, as he's a Jamaican citizen. This could bode well for him as historically rugby players have had good luck in the villa, take season 5 winner, Greg O'Shea for instance...

Lana Jenkins

Name: Lana Jenkins | Age: 25| Job: Makeup Artist

The next beauty heading into the villa is makeup artist Lana, who has already worked as an MUA for a number of famous faces—we're already very excited to hear her beauty tips and see the makeup looks she'll be bringing to the island!

Lana, who lives in Luton could be set for heartbreak this winter season however, as she revealed she falls in love very quickly. She told ITV: "I tend to know quite soon if I could fall in love with that person and then, as long as everything is going well, I’ll probably tell them I love them in about a week.

As far as her icks go though, Lana loves texting—but if you send her a question mark if she doesn't reply straight her words, "You're gone."

Plus she's not a lover of clumsy boys, adding: "Also if I see a guy trip over, that's an instant turn-off."

Ron Hall

Name: Ron Hall| Age: 25| Job: Financial Advisor

Financial advisor Ron is bringing the famous Essex boy charm to the villa as says he's the most ' genuine person' you'll meet.

The 25-year-old describes himself as charismatic and a 'nice' person - which will hopefully mean he's a hit with the Love Island girls!

The Essex lad also revealed that he's actually blind in one eye after getting injured during a football match when he was eight. He said: “I went in for a header and got kicked in the face."

He then revealed that his eyes are actually two different colors—one green and the other blue. "It’s added to my character," Ron said, "there are so many people that are worse off than me," before revealing that it's actually proven to be quite the conversation starter!

Anna-May Robey

Name: Anna-May Robey| Age: 20| Job: Payroll Administrator

Swansea local, Anna-May is also packed and ready to head into the villa! The 20-year-old, payroll administrator says she wants a boyfriend and hopes Love Island could be a good way to meet someone new.

She says her family and friends would describe her as very energetic and a 'chatterbox, ' adding: "I'm always running around singing and screaming." Seems like she'll be quite a big personality in the villa!

Will Young

Name: Will Young| Age: 23| Job: Farmer

No, not the singer! 

Farmer Will is also joining the Love Island 2023 lineup, trading rolling hills for poolside views!

Will 23, is from Buckinghamshire and says living on a farm has posed some struggles in his relationships, but hopes Love Island will give him time to just focus on finding love.

As for fun facts about the new islanders, Will shares that he loves a bit of meditation. He says: "Every night I light a candle and meditate for 20-25 minutes. A girl I was seeing told me to meditate, I tried it and loved it. I stopped seeing her and carried on meditating!" 

Let hope he brings chilled vibes to the villa—maybe we'll even see them all have a meditation sesh!

Tanyel Revan

Name: Tanyel Revan| Age: 26| Job: Hairstylist

Londoner Tanyel Revan is 26 and a hairstylist who—in her own words- will be bringing 'energy' and 'confidence' to the villa. She describes herself as loud, funny and feisty, which, if you ask us, are always good qualities in an entertaining islander.

As for what she's looking for in the villa, her celeb crush is apparently Channing Tatum as she doesn't like 'pretty boys,' citing that they give her the ick. She likes a handsome guy with a personality to match—adding that if they can dance, she'll fall in love immediately.

Shaq Muhammad

Name: Shaq Muhammad| Age: 24| Job: Airport Security Officer

24-year-old airport security officer, Shaq is also joining the 2023 cast after suffering from a spot of bad luck in his previous relationships.

Shaq is hoping to leave the villa with his future wife—so, no pressure ladies! He told ITV that his family would say he falls pretty quickly, adding: "I’m the type of person that wears my heart on my sleeve. If I find someone I click with, I fall very hard, very fast." Cute!

Olivia Hawkins

Name: Olivia Hawkins| Age: 27| Job: Actress and Ring girl

Olivia Hawkins is the ninth islander heading into the villa on January 16th. She's a 27-year-old actress, from Brighton who will be bringing fun and a 'little bit of drama' to the villa. 

She describes herself as a bubbly person, which will no doubt make her popular with the other contestants. She's also another islander with a claim to fame, as she's been in films with the likes of Jason Statham and Daniel Craig and been a body double for Emma Watson. 

Olivia is also a ring girl, which means she's got some big shoes to fill as season 5's Maura Higgins was also famously a ring girl.

Haris Namani

Name: Haris Namani| Age: 21| Job: TV Salesman

Haris is a TV salesman ready to sell himself to the Love Island ladies and hopefully win a few of them over!

The 21-year-old from Doncaster says he's never been in love and hopes the villa will give him the opportunity to meet the 'right' girl—though he says he won't be dropping the L-bomb till his dream girl meet his parents and siblings! 

As for his personality, Haris describes himself as 'unique' and confident (hence his salesman career). He adds: "I’m friendly, I’m very respectful as well. Anyone who meets me, I don’t think they have anything bad to say about me."

New 'Love Island' contestants

So far, only four Love Island bombshells have been announced along with a new twist, which involved the Love Island voting app.  

For the first time ever, fans were able to vote between Ellie Spence and Tom Clare to determine which would be the first to enter the villa. Tom won the vote and entered the villa in episode 2, now he's been joined by two more bombshells; Zara and David. 

While there's no sign of Ellie entering the villa yet—here's what we know about our new contenders...

Tom Clare

Name: Tom Clare| Age: 23| Job: Semi-Pro Footballer

We've got our first footballer! Yes, bombshell Tom Clare is a semi-pro footballer from Barnsley who—like Ellie—could be strutting into the villa as the first of many bombshells.

He has dubbed himself a "good laugh" and while he's playing the bombshell role, he's not just entering the villa to stir up trouble. He told ITV: "I want to meet someone. It’s good going out and having a laugh but I miss sharing stuff. Life’s too short. These opportunities don’t come around often."

Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown

Name: Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown | Age: 25 | Job: Model and aspiring artist

Zara joined the lineup alongside David in episode 3 and is so far—to quote Ron—'swiveling' a few heads.

The 25-year-old London local is quite the talent, telling Ron during their first date that she's a model, artist, dancer and singer (to name a few) and seems to be ticking quite a few of his boxes...

Ahead of her villa entrance, she told ITV that she's a "massive hype girl," adding: "I'm very complimentary so I hope to keep the vibes up in the villa. I'll also bring spice, I'm a bit different and I don't think there's anyone in there that's like me so I reckon I'll keep things interesting."

As for her Love Island game plan, Zara said in her intro that she's not afraid to "step on anyone's toes", so the villa girls better watch their backs!

David Salako

Name: David Salako | Age: 24 | Job: Money Adviser

David has also joined the lineup! He's 24 and from Essex and looks set to bring a whole load of confidence and "good vibes" into the villa. 

Upon arrival, he took Tanya for a date and the pair seemed to be hitting it off, which could be bad news for her OG couple, Shaq.

As for what he's looking for in the villa, David says: "I'm very picky—I haven't met the right one yet. The person you're going to meet is never going to be perfect, but I've got my standards, yeah."

It'll be interesting to see how these new arrivals change up the villa dynamic on Love Island's First Look tonight!

Ellie Spence

Name: Ellie Spence| Age: 23| Job: Business Development Executive

25-year-old Ellie Spence was announced as one of the first bombshells, alongside Tom but as mentioned has yet to make her dramatic slow-mo walk into the villa—though it's likely she'll make an appearance by the end of the week.

Before joining the Love Island cast, Ellie—who is from Norwich- worked as a Business Development Executive at a law firm and promises to bring fun and "unpredictability" to the villa.

She told ITV: "I’ve been single for three years and the roster is pretty dry, it’s been dry for the last year, I don’t know what happened, it’s just not been a great time for me so I’m ready to find my husband.!

Personality-wise, she described herself as: "Super caring and kind but also a little bit of a liability, but in a fun way"—so no doubt, she'll keep viewers entertained!

When will the winter Love Island 2023 Casa Amor cast be announced?

As mentioned, the OG lineup is usually announced in the week before the start date —so keep checking back here or on the official Love Island Instagram and Twitter from January 9 onwards.

The bombshells and Casa Amor islanders will then be announced throughout the series, with Casa usually taking place around the fourth week.

Who are the previous winter Love Island stars?

The first ever winter Love Island series aired all the way back in 2020 but was put on hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic—meaning we've actually only ever seen one winter installment.

For those needing a recap, the cast included the likes of Siânnise Fudge, Luke T, Paige Turley and Finnley Tapp (who are among the many Love Island UK couples still together) Callum Jones and Molly Smith, who are also still together—Shaugna Philips, Demi Jones, Nas Majeed and twins Eve and Jess Gale.

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