Will there be a Lupin season 3? This is everything we know so far

The gentleman thief is returning for part two—but is a Lupin season 3 in the works, too?

Lupin season 3
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If you've been breathlessly awaiting new Lupin episodes, we've got good news for you: the second installment of the hit Netflix series is hitting the streamer today! 

Not only are we getting five new episodes centered on the world's suavest thief as part of the Lupin part two release date, but a third edition is already in the works!

Yes, Lupin season 3 is officially a go—but when is it coming out, and, more importantly, what hustles and hijinks will it include? Here's everything we know so far about part three of the French mystery thriller.

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Will there be a Lupin season 3?

Oui, oui! Netflix officially renewed the French series for part three in May, weeks before part two even hit the streamer.

And it's no surprise, given how much of a huge hit the first part of the series turned out to be. (It was the most-watched show on the streaming service around the world in the first three months of 2021, and boasts a whopping 98-percent critics' approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.)

Eagle-eyed fans started asking about Lupin season 3 after French journalist Romain Cheyron spotted a Netflix-powered website using Assane Diop, the name of the show's main character, as the URL. Show star Omar Sy confirmed the news, commenting on Twitter: "We can’t hide anything from you. Lupin part 3 is confirmed!"

While an official premiere date has not yet been announced for Lupin season 3, Lupin co-creator and showrunner George Kay previously told RadioTimes.com that viewers could expect new episodes to drop on Netflix sometime in 2022. If you're feeling particularly sleuth-y, see if you can spy clues in any of the official graphics released by the show for part 3: the release date for Lupin part 2 was actually hidden within some of the announcement imagery for the second edition. Sneaky!

Until then, you can rewatch parts one and two, or read the Arsène Lupin books in order, so you're never without your favorite gentleman thief.

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What will Lupin season 3 be about?

We're still waiting on an official plot summary, but we do know that part three will deviate from its two predecessors, says showrunner George Kay.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter podcast, TV's Top 5, Kay revealed that while the second installment will focus on “the avenging of Babakar’s death and the revenge mission against Pellegrini,” part three will be "a new adventure entirely." 

The third edition will have "a new emotional goal and a similar amount of adventures and self-contained stories to kind of get us across that arc," Kay said. "So, yeah, similar, but moving on from the kind of central arc of 1 and 2."

Along with a third installment of the series, Kay also told THR that there have been "good conversations" about expanding the Lupin universe even further with spinoffs and prequels. "I’m being encouraged to think expansively,” Kay said. 

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