Who is Selling Sunset's Marie-Lou Nurk, a.k.a. Jason Oppenheim's new girlfriend, and how did they meet?

Jason has a new lady in his life, and we get acquainted with her in 'Selling Sunset' season six

Jason Oppenheim and Marie-Lou Nurk at the premiere of "She Hulk"
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There's a new face on Selling Sunset season six: Marie-Lou Nurk. 

The two lovebirds are continuing to grow in their relationship, and now she's even stepping into her beau's professional territory and Netflix series. Though she is not joining the ever-growing list of O Group realtors—like newbies Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young—she did close the deal on boss Jason Oppenheimer's heart and joined as a SO, following in Romain Bonnet and Jeff Lazkani's footsteps. 

"Unfortunately, I couldn't prepare for it because the production was already planned. But on a reality show, it's actually better not to think too much about it so it's not unnatural," she told Vogue Germany

She's used to being in front of the cameras on the catwalk, but dipping into reality TV was a little trickier—and we can't imagine the intimidating O Group ladies being the easiest to mingle with. 

"There are always not only positives, but negative aspects, when one lives out in the open. Whether it's on social media, in the press or on TV, one is much more quickly judged," she added. 

So, who is Marie-Lou and how did the lovebirds meet? 

How did Jason and Marie Lou meet?

Seven months after Jason and Chrishell broke up, the realtor was traveling in Mykonos, Greece, in 2022 with his twin brother, Brett. That's when he stumbled upon Marie-Lou and took an interest. Though he asked her out to dinner, she was a bit hesitant about the first date. 

"I asked her to dinner the next day," Jason told People. "She said yes, but then an hour before dinner, she's like, 'Is it cool if my friends come?' I'm like, "Ah."

In the new season of Selling Sunset, Jason reveals more about the moment they met while at dinner with Mary and Romain, saying they were at Scorpios in Mykonos when he spotted her. 

"We were at the restaurant. I caught him staring at me and I was like 'yeah he's cute actually'", Marie-Lou revealed.  

Mary then asks if it was love at first sight, to which Jason responds: "Definitely infatuation at first sight." Aw, you guys! 

Who is Marie-Lou Nurk?

Maire-Lou Nurk is a German model based in Paris who works with both the Marilyn Agency NY and Mega Model Agency, according to her Instagram bio. A love of fashion and travel is evident on her grid. Additionally, per ScreenRant, she works as a business and brand strategist for various fashion brands. She holds a degree in economics and studied in Germany. 

In addition to her Parisian residence, it's now been revealed that she's also based in Los Angeles, California, where she shares a condo with Jason. 

"It's an amazing apartment," she told People. "It's bright, the view on the hills is insane."

Though Jason clearly has a handle on real estate, Marie-Lou was not entirely convinced that he was well-versed in interior design. 

"We did have a huge fight over a couple of velvet chairs," she further revealed to the outlet. "Huge, brown velvet chairs. I don't like them at all!"

How old is Marie-Lou Nurk?

When we catch up with everyone at the beginning of season six, Marie-Lou Nurk is 25 to Jason's 45—and she actually makes a trip to the O Group office on her birthday. Considering Selling Sunset season six was filmed between August and November and she's introduced early on (before she goes back to Europe with Jason for another trip), we'd guess her birthday is sometime in August.

Did Chrishell and Marie-Lou meet?

Taking a look at Jason's relationship timeline, you'll realize that he has a knack for dating his employees, most recently Chrishell Stause (we listed all of Jason's girlfriends so you don't have to). Though the two remain on good terms, there was definitely an underlying feeling of anxiousness introducing the two, but both parties were cordial. (We can't say the same for Chrishell and Nicole, but that's neither here nor there.) 

Ultimately, they parted ways because Chrishell was thinking about getting married and starting a family, which wasn't on Oppenheim's radar...yet.

"I'm more open to being a husband than I am a father right now," he told People. "I like the idea that there's no pressure, or a thought about having to have a child with Lou. So it just makes it easy for us."

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