Fans suspect Mitchell and Chloe are back together after Perfect Match—but is it true?

Something to share, Mitchell? 'Perfect Match' brought the alum from 'The Circle' back to his ex, but where do they stand now?

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We'll be honest, we briefly forgot about Mitchell in the midst of all the Perfect Match chaos that could easily distract even the most seasoned reality TV fan. 

The new Netflix dating show just finished its debut season, and we're all trying to piece together where the Perfect Match couples stand now. Are Joey and Kariselle going to walk down the aisle soon? What's happening between Dom and Georgia? Did Damian and Francesca part ways on good terms?

We got so caught up that we turned our attention away from the show's late-comer, Mitchell. The alum from The Circle joined halfway through the season, temporarily splitting up his ex, Chloe, and Shayne. Ultimately, Chloe decided not to move forward with a second-chance romance with her former boyfriend, instead choosing to match with Shayne...from whom she has since split. 

However, a few anonymous Instagram photos with an unidentifiable fella indicate that the reality star is no longer on the market. Some fans even suggested that she rekindled the flame again with Mitchell. Is it true, or is she back with Shayne? Perhaps it's someone else entirely? What happened when the cameras stopped rolling?

What's happening between Chloe and Mitchell now?

You'll notice in a few of Chloe's Instagram snaps that she is happily in love, and you can briefly see a sliver of a man, though his face and identity have not been revealed. In one sneaky shot, a man's arm is hovering over Chloe's, holding a hat. "Give yourself permission to fall in love. It will be the best thing you ever do. Lesson? or life time partner? How exciting," the caption reads.  

It didn't take long for commenters to share their two cents. 


Another chimed in: "It’s Mitch guys😍" 

And while others were convinced it's Shayne, it actually doesn't appear to be either Perfect Match contestant. During a catch-up with Netflix Tudum (opens in new tab) after the show premiered, both Shayne and Mitchell revealed that they're still on the hunt for their other half. Mitchell seems to be reworking his approach to finding romance, having struggled with his feelings while filming.

“I think as soon as I started actively having those strong emotions, I struggled with, ‘Oh, shoot. Now I really gotta go there, and that is scary for me,’" he told Netflix Tudum.

And, we'll admit, it seems like his time on Perfect Match might've been an eye-opener, even if it did not end in a relationship. 

He added: “Now I’m working on processing my emotions, understanding who I am as a person and what I’m really looking for in a partner, and just working on being my best self so that I can give the best version of me to my future partner, my future kids."

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We'll have to wait to see who Chloe's mystery man is...and we'll have to wait for any updates on the romance front from Mitch. But now that we've wrapped up our time at the Panama City villa, we're switching gears to Love Is Blind season 4.

Perfect Match is now streaming on Netflix. 

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