Where do Dom and Georgia from 'Perfect Match' stand after their alleged rift?

Is there bad blood between Dom and Georgia? 'Perfect Match' brought them together, but did they keep their love alive?

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We'll admit, we had our doubts about Dom and Georgia, Perfect Match's winning couple

At the start of the new Netflix dating show, Dom Gabriel paired with Francesca Farago, only to be crushed when she ditched him for Damian Powers, despite demanding Dom's undying devotion. Then, Francesca's Too Hot To Handle peer, Georgia Hassarati, gained access to the villa where Perfect Match was filmed, and quickly found herself drawn to Dom.

Needless to say, that did not sit well with the dating show's villainess. Despite the bumps in the road, Dom and Georgia remained faithful, and seemingly smitten, albeit quiet in comparison to other pairs. (*Cough* Joey and Kariselle.)  

"I just had great people to share the experience with, so I just gravitated towards whoever made me feel safe and, you know, embraced my personality. And I just stayed a little bit away from those I didn't click with as much," Georgia told My Imperfect Life.

What happened between Dom and Georgia, 'Perfect Match' couple?

Ultimately, Dom and Georgia broke up, despite beating the other Perfect Match couples for the top prize (a paid vacation to a location of their choosing). 

When speaking to Netflix Tudum, Dom cited distance as a main factor of the split. Meanwhile, Georgia had nothing but praise when speaking to us about her ex. 

"He is a really amazing person and whoever he ends up with will be a really lucky girl because he's lovely," she said. "I see him around, there's no bad blood, we get along. It's all fine, we just didn't end up together."

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An update on Dom and Georgia from 'Perfect Match':

Though things seem to be civil between Dom and Georgia, Perfect Match's winning couple did allegedlly experience a few ups and downs post-split.

Now, Georgia is getting cozy with Harry Jowsey. (If you recall, Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago sealed their fate with his RingPop proposal on Too Hot To Handle.) 

"I’m not going to say she’s disingenuous, but it’s just, like, sketchy, to me," Farago told Variety about Georgia's new relationship. "And his intentions are sketchy to me. It’s just convenient that they’re back together a week before our premiere. I don’t really trust either of them."

Dom further revealed to Netflix Tudum that he got wind of the relationship while listening to a podcast, which threw him for a loop. Georgia fired back, claiming Dom forgot to mention that he had seemingly met up with Ines—who expressed her interest in Dom on the show. She even suggested that he has kept on friendly terms with Francesca. 

Even though there were a few roadblocks, the two have seemingly managed to work around them. Now, all eyes are on the future, particularly for Dom, who wants to give this experiment another go.

"I don’t know if there’s anyone from Selling Tampa that’s still single, or maybe Cheer," he tells Netflix Tudum. "Gabi, if she's single. I don’t know if you’re watching this, but hey, how are you doing? Maybe I’ll see you on season 2."

Here's hoping for that second season of Perfect Match—and a Perfect Match reunion.

Perfect Match season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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