Niall Horan is known for smelling good—and we totally rate his go-to unisex fragrance

Allow Niall Horan's cologne pick to guide you into your good-smelling era...

 Niall Horan wears a mustard suit as he attends the Horan & Rose Show: Modest! on September 03, 2021 in Watford, England./ in a blue and multi-colored pastel template
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Ever wondered what Niall Horan smells like? Well, wonder no more as we clue you in on Niall Horan's cologne go-to—which is a cult unisex buy—and how exactly he achieves his famous, good-smelling aura...

It seems singer and former One Direction band member, Niall Horan is gunning for Rihanna's best-smelling celebrity crown, as he too has a reputation for smelling incredible. And like with Rihanna's favorite perfume, Niall has let slip his own go-to fragrance and it's easily available and well-known for being both a best-selling unisex scent as well as one the best perfumes for women.

So, if you're on the hunt for one of the best long-lasting perfumes that is proven to earn a ton of compliments, allow Niall to guide you right...

What perfume does Niall Horan wear?

Yes, it's true—Niall Horan smells very, very good. This claim has been supported by the likes of Lewis Capaldi and is well-known intel across TikTok, with beauty enthusiasts clamoring to find out what Niall's signature scent is. So what cologne does Niall Horan use?

Thankfully, the singer hasn't been stingy on his fabled everyday perfume and has addressed the subject a number of times, most recently in his own Vogue Beauty Secrets video (a very wholesome watch, we recommend).

In the video, it was revealed that the famous Niall Horan cologne is non-other than Le Labo Santal 33, aka one of the best vegan and cruelty-free perfumes on the market.

In the clip, he said: "Everyone tells me I smell good, I don't know—everyone that I seem to meet," before adding that he first uses deodorant (good boy!), followed by two spritzes of Le Labo's iconic Santal 33.

This scent features notes of cardamom and delicate florals, blended with hypnotizing smoky woods (Australian sandalwood and cedarwood to be exact), leather and musk, which lend the scent its irresistibly cozy aroma. 

The My Imperfect Life beauty team is also a big fan of this scent, with one tester reviewing: "We adore the subtly spiced, floral opening that quickly dries down to a smoky, woodsy base.

"To us, it conjures up a pine forest on a crisp winter’s day—earthy and uplifting. The staying power is very impressive (think 12 hours or more) and as it evolves on the skin, the dry woods truly come into their own."


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Niall also shared this info to his TikTok, along with the scent he used to wear before discovering Santal 33—Hugo Boss' Boss The Scent, which features warm, aromatic spicy notes, with blends of leather, woods and citrus.

How does Niall Horan apply his cologne?

So, now that we've answered 'what does Niall Horan smell like?'—how does he apply his fragrance to achieve his dreamy aroma?

Well, again in Niall Horan's Vogue video, he revealed: "I'm not an over sprayer either, I kinda only do two [sprays] and then just rub it in on whatever I'm wearing, I'll just give it a little pat and apparently that's how I smell so good."

As we see, Niall sprays Le Labo on either side of his neck, before taking his slow hands (sorry, not sorry) to gently press it into his skin and clothes. Now, proceed with caution as some perfumes can stain your clothes, but the neck in general, as well as other pulse points, are great places to apply your smellies.

Happy Niall-inspired shopping!

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