This is the one thing to avoid in 2022, according to astrologers

“We're getting a pretty obvious call from the universe,” says astrologer Narayana Montúfar

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A new year is quickly approaching, and we're already buzzing with cosmic curiosity. What exactly do the stars have in store for us over the next 365 days?

As the zodiac gears up for a grand performance, we can't help but ask—is there one thing to avoid in 2022? What lessons should we take away from those 2022 horoscope predictions?

While there's no guarantee regarding how things will unfold, there are a few prevalent themes to expect as of January 1. One thing is clear—the universe makes the rules.

According to astrologer Liz Simmons of The Crone, we can expect there to be a focus on finances and our personal property. She notes that we'll notice a shift in our beliefs on the topic—perhaps bringing about an altruistic quality—thanks to the Jupiter-Pisces transit. 

"It might be a year of giving, not so much getting," she predicts. "We'll need to let go of our capitalistic itch."

Meanwhile, author and astrologer Narayana Montúfar says it will be a great time for pop culture and creativity, a revitalization of sorts. She points out that mid to late April will be a time to enjoy life—romance, art—and take advantage of the things we've been missing. This is due to the fact that Jupiter, Neptune and Venus will be in Pisces. 

But regardless of the areas in life that are piquing your interest, there's a universal truth that change is underway. We're carrying over plenty of transitions from 2021 and watching as they all play out. 

"That theme prevails and will be accelerated," Montúfar says.

With this in mind, there's one strong recommendation to note for the year ahead. 

Is there one thing to avoid in 2022? Astrologers sound off

Much like our snow queen Elsa from Frozen, you'll have to practice letting it go. Resistance is the one thing that is going to hold you back in 2022.

"As we're getting pushed to change the things that are no longer in line with who we are becoming, we're getting a pretty obvious call from the universe about what's no longer working," Montúfar says. "There's a tendency to hold onto it, but that's just going to be extremely painful because it's a non-negotiable."

Ultimately, you'll be doing more harm than good if you attempt to preserve something that's unfit. 

“Even if we think we want this relationship to work, we want this marriage to work, the truth is if it's not aligned, it's going to go away. And the more you hold onto it the more painful it will be.”

It might seem difficult at first, but think of it as a favor for the universe. In a sense, it's like a cosmic GPS steering you away from the traffic so you can get back to what's most important—you.

“At both a collective and personal level, we're going to be pushed to really focus on what makes us unique and what makes us feel closer to our identity and not be as focused on what society wants from us,” Montúfar adds.

There's plenty to look forward to over the next 12 months—the luckiest zodiac sign of 2022 will be particularly pleased—and we wish you all good things on your  journey (but remember—no resisting!).

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