What will be the luckiest zodiac sign of 2022?

Is yours the luckiest zodiac sign of 2022? Drumroll, please...

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As 2021 and all of its cosmic events draw to a close, astrology enthusiasts are looking ahead: what will be the luckiest zodiac sign in 2022? How will these members of the zodiac fare throughout the year? 

Thankfully, we are all due for a dose of light-speed change, according to astrologer Athena Antares. Given the way the past two years have unfolded, we welcome this news with open arms and shiny crystals. 

Jupiter will provide an ample supply of good fortune and Neptune is set to inspire creativity. Needless to say, we're all ready to revel in these fantastic 2022 horoscope predictions, but who is truly basking in all the glory? One of our favorite water signs will want to pull out the confetti. 

What will be the luckiest zodiac sign in 2022?

"Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will be in Pisces throughout the year, bringing an abundance of auspicious energy with it," says astrologer Renée Watt. "This is the perfect cosmic climate for Pisces to create opportunities for themselves, making it important that they take chances and put themselves out there."

Those born from February 19 to March 20 will be incredibly anxious to soak up the positivity headed our way, as Jupiter's mighty presence is about to affect all areas of life.

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Pisces love predictions for 2022

Next year's most-awaited predictions have landed in our love horoscope 2022 and they're intense. Although we could very well experience a few tough lessons here and there, 2022 will also be one of the dreamiest years yet, especially for Pisces. 

"Pisces may find that love flows easily," says astrologer Liz Simmons. "Single Pisces may fall in love quickly and often, as Jupiter could promise an abundance of potential suitors."

Those who are in relationships will want to work on growing their partnership, but they'll also have to be firm about what works well for them and what does not. 

"Committed Pisces could expand upon their relationships, but may lose a sense of boundaries with partners," Simmons warns.

Pisces career predictions for 2022

The wheels will be turning in 2022, and career moves are underway. 

"Pisces can expect to serendipitously fall into their paths," Simmons adds. "They may find themselves working in a more spiritual, or holistic setting. Assisting and working with others to reach a higher potential may be a core career theme." 

Run through a few tips about how to network from home and spruce up your home office. Chances are, you'll be honing in on your profession quite a bit, so might as well get a head start on manifesting your dreams...and creating the perfect space to do so!


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Astrological events to note

Jupiter in Pisces, which will last a whopping five months, will be blissful for Pisces. Note the dates in your calendar: December 28, 2021 to May 10, 2022. However, when Jupiter stations retrograde in Pisces on October 28, 2022, things can get a bit bumpy, but we promise it's nothing you can't handle. 

Simmons suggests that the water sign pay extra close attention to the new moon in Pisces on March 2 and the full moon on September 10, as this six-month portal is perfect for manifesting ideals. 

Plus, the spring will be a particularly abundant time. 

Venus enters Pisces on April 5 and Mars enters Pisces April 14," Simmons adds. "Venus in Pisces is exalted, indicating that it’s the next best thing next to being domicile in astrology. Love is sure to expand and implode! 

She continues: "Mars in Pisces isn’t super ideal for taking action, but is helpful for forging a more spiritual relationship with sex and anger."

2022 tips for Pisces

If you're waiting for all-good things to be bestowed upon you on New Year's Day, don't expect a new career opportunity and perfect S.O. to arrive on your doorstep. Things will take time, and you have to put in the effort. 

"You'll still need to take a proactive approach towards manifesting your dreams," Watt says. "There will be plenty of luck headed your way, but you still have to step up to the plate and work for your personal and professional growth."

Pisces, we can't wait to see all that you accomplish in the next 12 months!

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