Cara Delevingne goes on a sexploration in the 'Planet Sex' trailer

'There’s so much to know about the world of sex — and I want answers,' the model says

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The Planet Sex trailer follows model Cara Delevingne as she makes her way across the world to uncover how we think about pleasure. 

"There’s so much to know about the world of sex—and I want answers," she says in the docu-series trailer. 

Considering the model and Only Murders in the Building actor has been an advocate for sexual transparency and acceptance—she's gifted her friends sex toys for the holidays, co-owns the Lora DiCarlo wellness brand and professed her approval of silent orgasms—we're not surprised she'd want to tackle her burning questions on screen. At times, she's faced with a few challenging tasks—particularly during a masturbation seminar—but overall feels as though the project was a necessity.

"I feel like I needed this in my life, honestly," she said, according to Vanity Fair (opens in new tab). "Maybe not to do it on camera—I mean, that was something I wanted to do for other people, but in terms of, for me, I grew up a lot."

Here's what viewers can expect from the six-part series.

'Planet Sex' trailer

From Beirut to New York, London to Tokyo and seemingly everywhere in between, Cara makes her way to opposite ends to the planet to uncover different culture's erotic blueprints. She attends shows with drag queens, visits a sex lab and is taken aback by the candid request from those running a masturbation seminar. Though it is meant to take a look at sexuality on a whole, Cara does infuse some of her personal experience into the mix. 

"In my own life I've definitely had a lot of internalized homophobia and shame," we hear her say in the trailer. 

But the series is not just about lust languages what turns people on. It also tackles the subject of community and acceptance.

"If I can or have had the effect I have on only one person or a group of kids, I don’t think I’ve spoken about it enough," she further revealed to Variety. "Yes, me showing my face with someone I was in love with who happened to be the same sex, was something, but that wasn’t really enough in the real road and real journey I’ve been on in my life."

'Planet Sex' release date

The will begin streaming on Hulu starting November 29 and December 1 on BBC. But do note that it's likely US and UK viewers will be experiencing slightly different things, according to Fremantle UK boss Simon Andreae.

"There’s one further layer and section of information underneath the science a little more often, but this is the BBC and they have gone for the more—I’m not sure ‘hardcore’ is the right word—but a more explicit version of the show," he told Variety.

Regardless, it seems everyone's in for an eye-opening ride, and hopefully a helpful one at that.

"As someone who struggled for years to understand my sexual identity, I am so excited to be making a series that could change the views of so many people through honest and personal conversations," Delevingne said in a statement via BBC.

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